Yes, you read that right.  Research has been suggesting that there are some foods that provide your brain with necessary nutrients for healthy function.  And that’s not all.  Some of them even contain compounds/nutrients that work as protective factors against harm to the brain.  Best of all, they’re healthy and good for you and your weight loss plan. Find out what brain foods work!

1)   Fish

Full of Omega-3’s, this source of protein provides your brain with protective nutrients that aid in its development.  In addition, its protein is good brain food.

2)   Red Beans

Antioxidants are good for the health of your brain.  Blueberries contain a lot of antioxidants.  Red beans contain three times that.  And they’re high in protein, which means they’re a good way to stay full in a healthy way.

3)   Red/blue potatoes

These little spuds contain thirty percent of your daily Vitamin C need.  More importantly, they contain a phytonutrient that helps to lower blood pressure.  Lower blood pressure means a healthier brain.  How? High blood pressure contributes to the creation of legions in the brain that are linked to depression and dementia.

4)   Dark chocolate

It may be an acquired taste, but it’s one that’s worth it.  It has been proven to lower stress hormone levels.  It also increases energy and improves mood and focus.  How’s that for a healthy brain?

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