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Common exercise myths:

Women shouldn’t lift weights because they will become bulky.
It’s simply not true! Women do not have enough of the hormone necessary to bulk up if they lift weights in the way that men do. It would take long, tireless, and repeated hours of strenuous weight lifting for a woman to become too bulky for femininity.

Lift moderate weights 2-3 times a week to help reduce body fat, strengthen bones, and provide protection against osteoporosis

Workout machines give correct caloric output
Quite unfortunately, the cardio machines you may step on to get a workout in do not give you an accurate reading of how many calories you burn while on there. Most machines don’t ask for enough information to correctly assess your calorie burn. Age, body fat percentage, and height all play key roles in correct caloric output. If a machine isn’t asking you for those, chances are it’s overestimating your calorie burn by 25%. The solution? Enter in a lighter weight than you actually are.

The number on the scale is what’s important
Yes, it’s important. It’s actually very important to see that number change when you’re on a weight loss journey. Truth be told, however, it doesn’t tell the entire story. Body fat percentage is a better measure of your overall health in terms of body composition. Having similar amounts of fat and muscle is not as “healthy” as larger amounts of muscle and a small amount of fat. Your scale may be telling you that you’ve lost 20 pounds, but most of that may be muscle. The result? You’ve increased your fat-to-muscle ratio, which does not bode well for your health in the long-term. To avoid falling into the trap of numbers, make sure you engage in resistance training regularly, eat healthy and natural foods, & check your body fat percentage periodically to make sure that you’re at a good number.

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Do a thousand sit-ups a day and your ab fat will shrink away
Taking care of your ab flab is slightly more complicated than just doing sit-ups and crunches. It requires regular cardio and healthy eating. All those sit-ups will only do so much for you; they strengthen your muscles but do nothing for the fat. Ask your weight loss coach about cardio for abs, as well as for alternative and more effective abdomen workouts than the traditional sit-up and crunch.

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Stretching Helps Prevent Injuries
Recently, several studies were published suggesting that the stand-still stretching we engage in before working out actually does nothing to prevent injury. In fact, stretching for too long may actually be harmful to us. The solution, according to researchers, is to take part in “dynamic stretching”, which involves stretching the muscles while moving.

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These common exercise myths can negatively impact your weight loss journey, find out more about weight loss programs at Florida Aesthetics in Brandon.

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