Good health doesnt always come cheap, but its something worth working hard for. You all know the basics: Eat healthy, stay active, etc., and youll be in good shape. The reality, though, is that getting there might not be as basic as it sounds. Turning your life around and giving up tastier, quicker-to-prep foods and easy, lazy habits takes hard work… and time! Of course, there are some things that make it easier to become healthy. Such as?

Losing weight for one. The more weight you lose, the more encouraged you become to permanently adopt healthy habits and to give up whatever damages your health and your waistline. This, of course, is only of a myriad of health benefits that come with shrinking your waistline.
Well, you might say, losing weight also takes time, and I need results! Yes, and yes. It takes time, and you need to see results

There are little ways to speed up the process and to benefit your overall health along the way.

Sip the right drinks, and youll see what Im talking about.

Green and white teas. Black coffee (or a low calorie variety). Water. Skim milk.

Teas, with their natural properties, combined with the caffeine in them, speed up your metabolism and can promote good health. Try 3 cups a day and see for yourself! (One is okay, especially if youre drinking some of the others listed above)
Coffee gives you a strong caffeine jolt, suppresses your hunger, feeds you antioxidants for good health, and can possibly speed up your metabolism temporarily.
Water is mans best friend. It keeps you cool and hydrated, both of which are necessary if you want to feel good. It also takes care of fake hunger.
Skim milk is nutritious, giving you protein and calcium for your bones and muscles. Its also low in calories (in moderation) and a great substitute for other drinks.

Skip the sodas and juices and drink these instead. Youll slash calories, give your body some great benefit, and feel wonderful! These drinks, and lower alcohol consumption in combination with better eating will push you on your way to faster weight loss and good health! For more information, talk to your weight loss consultant today!

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