Nutrition professionals are suggesting that the key over the holidays is not to try and lose weight, but to try and not gain weight. Maintaining your current weight could, in the long run, be more beneficial and realistic than to set a plan for weight-loss over the holiday season. The director for University Nutrition at Washington University in St. Louis, Connie Diekman, has come up with these 10 holiday health tips for preventing weight gain over the holidays:

1. Have a plan for the party: which foods do you want to eat, and which ones can you live without?

2. Don’t go to parties hungry: Hunger usually leads to overeating.

3. Upon arrival at the party, visit with people, enjoy a beverage, scope out the offerings, then choose a few items you really want to try      vs. sampling items throughout the event.

4. Try sparkling water or cider, or club soda with a twist, instead of alcohol.

5. Don’t stand by the food table – you’ll be tempted to continue snacking as you visit with people.

6. Fill your plate with high-fiber, low-calorie choices and smaller portions of the high-calories favorites.

7. Holidays mean compromise – enjoy your favorites in small portions.

8. At sit-down dinners, eat slowly, savor the food and you may not find yourself wanting seconds.

9. Remember, holiday parties are about fun and catching up with friends; food isn’t first.

10. If things don’t go as you planned, keep in mind the holiday season is only four weeks; how are you doing the other 48?