Last week, we focused on the generally physical consequences of giving up on your weight loss goals.  This week, well be looking at the mental/emotional consequences, as well as the risks that you put yourself at by continuing to carry some extra weight on you.

Reason 3: Your mental/emotional well-being will suffer

Its no secret that societies all over have a preference for thin bodies.  Sadly enough, this preference also comes with a dislike for (and perhaps a prejudice against) the overweight and obese body type.  Whether or not this dislike is problematic is a whole other issue (since what should be desired is merely a healthy and fit body) The reality of such preferences is that with it comes negative emotional baggage for many who are overweight or obese.  This is compounded by the fact that being on the heavier side can leave a person constantly worried about his/her health, thus adding to the cycle of negativity.

Feeling undesired by society, or being constantly preoccupied by worries about ones health, can bring upon feelings of anxiety. (What will people say about me? I cant go out like this! Im going to get sick one day!)  Additionally, depression becomes quite possible, in part because of these negative thoughts.  Those who start and fail diets repeatedly, and/or who continue to be on the heavier side may find themselves in a negative state of mind quite frequently.  What aggravates this is that many people, when down, turn to food to alleviate their depression.  This (at times) leads to excess consumption of food and a climb in the number on the scale.  It becomes a repetitive cycle that is difficult to break.

Even those overweight/obese individuals who do not turn to food to alleviate their negativity still suffer emotionally.  They may adopt an attitude of giving up on themselves and may consider themselves failures.

In all cases,

Changing the anxious/depressed persons outlook on weight, life, and successful dieting becomes a challenging task.  Telling a person who has failed to lose weight and who often feels lethargic that it IS possible to succeed is not easy.  It is, however, very possible.  Showing yourself, or anyone with some extra weight, that there is a light at the end of the tunnel can push you for greater change.  Truly knowing that there is an end to the negativity and that successful diets do exist can really give anyone the determination needed to avoid failure.  Why?  Because giving up should never be an option!

Reason 4: You put yourself in danger of various diseases and health complications

The reality is that once you give up on your weight loss journey, youre setting yourself up for quite possibly what is greater failure.  You may adopt an attitude of not caring about your weightor you might just live your life the way you used to before trying to lose weight.  Why is that a problem?  It will most probably lead you to a heavier weight.  And with this comes the risk for excess weight gain and many health complications.

Obesity brings with it risk of heart disease, stroke, cancer, and diabetes, among other things.  Being excessively overweight can kill you in one of many forms.  And yes, it can be avoided if you decide to not give up on yourself purely for the sake of your health.

Okbut what if obesity is really far off for you and youre only a little bit overweight?  That in itself is dangerous for your health.  Why? Merely being overweight puts you at risk for becoming obese.  A pound here and a pound there every year will put you on a steady path for obesity.  The heavier you are, the wider your waist circumference, the more likely you are to develop those diseases that have been associated with obesity.

This is perhaps the most important reason that anyone should be determined to succeed at losing his/her excess weight.  Gaining just enough weight to have a waist circumference thats too big is dangerous for your health.  Gaining weight to obesity pretty much shortens your life from the get-go, simply because you will develop a life-threatening disease.

The Walk-Away Point:

Its important to want to live a health life!  Being thin and attractive is not the goal to push for.  Maintaining a balanced lifestyle, and working hard to get there, is the safest and healthiest bet for anyone.  Just reaching the border of a healthy BMI is good enough to keep you healthy, as long as youre committed to never giving up on yourself.  Losing just 5% of your body weight (if youre overweight) can save you from a myriad of health complications.

Get your determination to lose weight by committing yourself to a life free of preventable health issues.  With that determination, and with success comes automatic avoidance of points 1, 2, and 3 that I have discussed.  You choose a path of gradual lifestyle changes and healthy living and you will find yourself on the best path in your life!  Your physical, emotional, and mental well being all improve!  And all of this comes as a result of your decision to take better care of yourself and to avoid a bad health record in your future.

Its hard, its challenging, it takes commitment, but weight loss is definitely worth all its perks, and it IS possible.


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