Its that time of year again! First came Halloween candy, then Thanksgiving feasts, and now Christmas is around the corner. As wonderful as the holiday season can be, it can also be extremely dangerous…to our waistlines. Every year, we get caught up with holidays, family feasts, dinners with friends, finishing up our shopping and eating out as we go along, and the list goes on. Avoiding weight gain becomes tricky with all the obstacles thrown our way. Sticking to our healthy lifestyle and weight loss plans is not as easy to do during the holiday season.
The good news is were here to tell you that all is not lost! There actually are some things you can do to avoid packing on the holiday pounds everyone knows and hates. Sticking to your weight plan may not be completely possible, but you can do well enough to avoid reversing your progress in the few weeks to come.

Get a Move On!
Even if youre traveling, do not make your vacation an excuse to break from exercise. If youre somewhere relatively warm, go on a morning run before the festivities begin. If youre at a hotel, use the local amenities or take some workout DVDs with you. Getting a workout in, even on Christmas day if need be, is absolutely doable.

Eat your Vegetables!
Yes, thats right. Even with all the delicious food around you, we tell you to remember to consume at least five servings of fruits and veggies a day. You can do this even if youre out shopping all day. Just look for options at the mall that serve healthier choices that contain vegetables. And if youre enjoying a feast, look for the more green foods.

Watch Your Portions
Invited somewhere? Having people over? Too many delicious options? You can still enjoy yourself. When its time to eat, just sample everything. That way, you get the chance to try and enjoy all dishes without packing too many calories. If appetizers come before, either snack minimally or eat those options that are lower in fats and calories.

Dont Ever Go Hungry!
Be it to family or friends houses or when on a shopping spree, do not arrive hungry! That makes it all the more likely that you will make poor choices and overeat.

Enjoy DessertsWisely
If youre presented with many dessert options, regardless of the occasion, choose the one that appeals most to you and eat only that. Otherwise, take tiny samples of the desserts youd like to try. Dessert can and should be enjoyed, but always in moderation. And if youre going to eat dessert, plan accordingly and scale back on how much of the main meal you eat.

Stick to these tips and youll find yourself getting through the holiday season with much more balance in your diet. For more tips on how to avoid weight gain during the holidays, talk to your weight loss coach today!

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