So now that you know why giving up isn’t an option, it’s time to think about diet mistakes that work against (or impede) your weight loss journey.  You’ve got the medication, the supplements, and all the healthy recipes.  What’s missing? Your determination to make breakfast the most important meal of your day, and to do it right.  Why the focus on breakfast?  Because many people think that skipping breakfast is the best and easiest way to cut back on calories and lose weight.

The reality?

It’s not that simple!  It might work for you, but it’s definitely not the best or easiest way for you (or your body) to reach your weight loss goals.  Below is a discussion of why fueling up in the morning is important and what the best way to fuel up is.

1)   Your body is preparing to power through the day

After a good night’s sleep, our body is starved for energy and, at the same time, is getting ready to put you through the day.  Fueling it in the morning gives your body the energy it needs to function at its best.  Without breakfast, all of that becomes more difficult, and you will find yourself more lethargic.

More importantly, breakfast boosts your metabolism after the night is over, and keeps it from kicking into survival mode.  Breakfast = more efficient calorie burn.

2)   Breakfast helps keep the weight off!

Already lost some weight?  Eat your hearty breakfast and you’ll be better able to keep it off.  Studies show that most people who have kept weight off for more than a year eat breakfast at least five days a week.  Get your energy in the morning and you’ll be better able to regulate your eating for the rest of the day!

3)   Breakfast relates to exercise habits

Correlations do exist, and in this case, they’re for your benefit.  Many people who eat breakfast are good about sticking to their workouts.  If you want the double-edged sword of cutting back on calories and working out, do NOT skip breakfast.

4)   Breakfast can determine the rest of your food choices

If you eat a healthy breakfast, you’re much more likely to make healthy decisions throughout the day.  Instead of cutting back by skipping breakfast and then making a bad food decision when you’re starving, eat a healthy breakfast and you’ll probably stay “healthy” for the rest of the day.

 And what, you may be asking, is a healthy breakfast that will do all this for you?  One that:

–       Is high in fiber

–       Includes protein

–       Is low in sugar


1)   A breakfast like this will raise your blood sugar slowly and bring it back down slowly.  This way, you’ll avoid a sugar crash soon after breakfast.

2)   It will keep you full for longer.  You’ll have enough energy to get through the greater part of the morning.

3)   It’s lower in calories but full of good-for-you foods.

4)   It’s good for you!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and it may be key to your successful and sustained weight loss.  To get a better idea of how to get the most of it, talk to your weight loss coach!

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