Meal Planning Is Key For A Successful Weight Loss

Meal Planning Is Key For A Successful Weight Loss

The journey to successful and sustained weight loss is not an easy one.  Why?  Certain things must happen if you are to maintain the initial motivation that pushed you towards weight loss.  One of them is planning.  If you are really set on breaking your old unhealthy habits, adopting new ones, enjoying a new lifestyle, and shedding your excess weight, you must plan for it!  Experts have cited repeatedly that meal planning is a necessary component for success.  By making a mental (or physical) note of what it is that you will eat at every meal, you are preparing yourself for what has to be done and making it more likely to occur.  You are, in essence, setting expectations for yourself.  So what exactly does this planning entail?

For starters, the most important and most simple aspect of planning is a food journal.  Keeping track of your meals helps you discover good and bad patterns in your eating habits.  It also helps you understand what meal and snack times work best for you, and may be helpful in determining what foods are working for your weight loss.  If you notice that you’re hungry at 10 a.m. every day for a week and snacking on something unhealthy, you may decide that it will be best to modify your breakfast to make it more nutritious and filling.

After you’ve established your food journal, you’ll want to start planning out your meals for the week.  With guidance from your weight loss coach, you can determine the best meals that will work with your personal taste preferences and with your schedule.  Your coach will also give you suggestions for good foods to try and may have great ideas for how to incorporate healthier items in your meals, and how to exchange items you do not like with other healthy options that you enjoy in a given recipe for instance.  By doing this, you will learn how to plan for the healthiest, most nutritious, filling meals for you and your family!

Why is meal planning important? Simple!

It helps keep you away from the temptations of quick, unhealthy meals and snacks when hunger hits.  With a game plan, you’ve always got your next meal ready/planned.  Lunchtime at the office is not a problem because you’ve packed something from home.  Dinner on a weeknight will not resolve itself with takeout because you’ve planned ahead and have an easy, yet healthy meal ready to be cooked.  Meal planning is a preventive and helpful method for weight loss, weight maintenance, and overall healthy living.

Getting the hang of it may take some time.  Thats why its important to maintain frequent contact with your weight loss coach.  Come in for regular visits to talk over your eating habits with your coach and to discuss strengths, weaknesses, and areas of change.  While doing so, you can also weigh yourself to see how well the meal plan is working out for you.  And don’t forget that exercise is part of the package!  Scheduling it is important, and your weight loss coach will provide you with regular motivation and guidance to make sure that you are making your physical and mental health a priority.

Microdermabrasion: Does Your Skin Need Freshening up?

Microdermabrasion: Does Your Skin Need Freshening up?

All of us notice every so often when we look in the mirror that our skin looks a little off.  Its not quite a severe case of aging, nor is it horrible sunburn or a bad skin condition.  Then we realize!  Your skin needs freshening up and microdermabrasion may be the answer. Something about it looks old, and not in the sense of wrinkles and lines, but you can’t really explain it.  Fortunately, there are solutions to this odd situation that people of all ages find themselves in.

For one, there is a simple and well-known procedure called microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive, non-surgical procedure that freshens up your skin instantly.  Skin cells die, and every so often, the top layer of our skin is a reflection of dead skin cells.  The dead cells accumulate and cause that odd appearance in our face.  Microdermabrasion, which targets the top layer of the skin, removes the layer of dead skin cells in a gentle manner within a short treatment time.  It essentially rejuvenates the skin without any side effects or downtime.  Microdermabrasion is also effective in treating light scarring, discoloration, and slight sun damage.

Another treatment that is used for skin concerns is a chemical peel.  At Florida Aesthetics, a variety of peels are used to treat various skin conditions. Chemical peels are, as the name suggests, gentle chemicals that remove the top layer of your skin, which consists of dead skin cells.  They also treat certain skin conditions, such as acne and sun damage.  At Florida Aesthetics patients can schedule a free consultation where their skin concern is evaluated, and the appropriate skin peel is selected and applied. Obagi Blue Radiance Peel has been a very popular peel amongst our patients. It is used to exfoliate your skin, leaving you with a sense of refreshment and a visible natural glow. In addition to Obagi Blue Radiance Peel, Florida Aesthetics is now offering other chemical peels to ensure the right peel is chosen for your skin condition and concern. If youre interested in it or in microdermabrasion or a chemical peel, talk to one of our licensed medical practitioners today!

How Soon Your Health Will Improve After You Start Your Weight Loss Program?

How Soon Your Health Will Improve After You Start Your Weight Loss Program?

One of the things that drives people towards weight loss is the idea that they will become healthier once they reach their target weight.  While it is true that great health benefits come from shedding weight, they do appear before you reach your ideal or target weight.  As it turns out, our body begins to show improvements as soon as we’ve lost 5-10% of our body weight.  Particularly for obese individuals, this percent of weight loss can bring about the amazing changes below:

  1. Reduction in hypertension:  High blood pressure comes with being overweight/obese.  Lose some weight and your blood pressure will drop.  Watch what you eat and it may drop even more.
  2. Diabetes: Type II diabetes often develops in obese individuals and can be very difficult to cope with.  Weight loss helps reduce its presence by helping to keep blood sugar at more normal levels.
  3. Cholesterol: Good cholesterol versus bad cholesterol.  If you’re overweight, you might have too much of the latter.  Lose five to ten percent of your weight and you’ll see an increase in your good cholesterol.  Be careful with what you eat and you might see a drop in the bad.

These are among many of the benefits that come with losing weight.  Not only does losing a little bit of weight make you feel like you’ve accomplished something, but it also helps to keep you motivated on your path to a new you.  The more weight you lose, the better you will feel physically, mentally, and emotionally.  Losing just five to ten percent of your body weight is a great milestone, and can be done effectively through medical and behavior-based weight loss programs. Possible results may include not only looking better but also improving your health and protecting you from a myriad of potential health problems. Get the five percent, and you’ll be ready to make it to the finish line!  For more information on how to lose weight effectively, weight loss program and reap the benefits, talk to your weight loss coach at Florida Aesthetics today!

Information brought to you by the Obesity Action Coalition

Set Your Goals and Watch Your Weight Drop

Set Your Goals and Watch Your Weight Drop

It’s easy to say that you want to lose twenty pounds, but actually doing it takes a lot of effort.  Most likely, this is because looking at one big goal in its entirety may be daunting and may make the task seem impossible.  Psychologists and weight loss experts have been pointing out this flaw in weight loss plans for years.  We set one big goal, fail to meet it, and become upset because we think we are failures.  The truth of the matter is, our brain is simply better adapted to handling smaller goals that are easier to fathom.  What does this mean for weight loss?

Setting several smaller goals that lead up to your ultimate weight loss/fitness/lifestyle goal makes it more likely that you will achieve that goal.  Want to lose twenty pounds?  Break your goal down by week, and make sure that it possesses the following:

  1. A very clear and detailed explanation of the mini goal you are trying to achieve
  2. Manageable targets to reach; for example, losing two pounds in one week and going to the gym three days in that same time period.  Keep in mind that what is manageable for you is different than what is manageable for others.
  3. Realistic targets.  Telling yourself that you want to lose five pounds in one week is an unhealthy and difficult goal to attain without potentially harming yourself OR giving up on your entire goal.  The key is to get yourself step-by-step to your ultimate goal.
  4. Flexibility!  Running into obstacles on our way to weight loss and fitness is not at all uncommon.  The goals we set should be amenable to change in the case that we find ourselves falling behind or unable to keep up with the pace we set for ourselves.  Setting goals does not set them in stone; change is possible, will happen, and is absolutely acceptable.

The importance of goal-setting is to remind us of what it is that we are trying to do and to provide us with a mental source of motivation to keep us going.  It is easier to do this when our goals are manageable and realistic, and when we share them with others so that they may support us on our journey.  Goal setting is key to successful weight loss and is a large component of medical/behavioral weight loss.  For more information, talk to a weight loss consultant at Florida Aesthetics today!


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