Don’t Stop Caring For Your Skin In The Summer!

Its that time of year again.  The suns warmth surrounds us and brings with it the wonderful positive energy of summer.  And just like that, we find ourselves outdoors more often that not, be it to enjoy an outdoor workout, to spend the day at the beach, or to have a family barbeque.  As long as summer is in the air, we expose ourselves to the suns rays.  Unfortunately, as great as it feels to bask in the sun and enjoy outdoor activities, all of it can lead to skin damage.
For those of you who actively care for your skin by using sunscreen, various creams, and treatments such as laser, caution and a continuation of your routine are all you need.  It is absolutely vital, even if summer schedules are different, to continue using the products and treatments that you have relied on to care for your skins look, feel, and overall health.  Not doing so can lead to skin damage that is more difficult to repair or eliminate.  Why?
Exposure to the sun is taxing on the skin.  It can lead to dangerous sun burns or tans, can increase the risk of skin cancer, and speeds up the aging process.  Taking great caution to care for your skin by protecting it with Obagi sunscreen, treating sun spots with Laser Genesis, and keeping your acne under control with our Obagi products is extremely important to the health and look of your skin.  Whether you already use medical grade treatments or not, including or maintaining them in your daily routine is important. If you have not yet tried these wonderful products, this summer is a great opportunity to do so!  Try spending one summer maintaining your skin with Obagi products and Laser treatments, and you may see the difference that active care makes in your skin’s health and appearance.
Active care for your skin is important for your health and appearance.  At Florida Aesthetics, we provide you with an entire collection of skincare products and treatments that can help ensure your skin is taken care of during these hot summer months.  Stop by today and see what works for you or call us to talk to one of our licensed medical staff to answer any questions you may have.

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