Why Meal Planning is The Smart Thing To Do

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Youve probably heard countless times from countless sources that planning your meals is a smart thing to do.  Whether it be cited as helpful in weight loss, as a great way to save money, or as a strategy to reduce stress, meal planning is something that brings great benefits to you and your family.  Though it may take some getting used to, its a great strategy to adopt as a part of your lifestyle changes.  Recently, the Obesity Action Coalition cited reasons why meal planning is useful:

1)   It helps to save money

Meal planning means you can take into consideration weekly grocery store sales and build your meals around them.  It also means that the frequent eating out you used to do as a result of no planning will come to an end. 

2)   It saves time

Cooking meals ahead of time likely takes less time than going to a restaurant every time you have no food or have not planned for dinner.  It also means that, because you organize your meals, preparing them will take less time than it would if you had to plan day by day and meal by meal.

3)   It will help you with your nutrition

Cooking at home means better nutrition than eating out frequently or substituting real meals with easy foods.  It also means you have more control over what you serve your family, and gives you an opportunity to introduce wonderful, healthy, and delicious foods to your family.

These three reasons are enough proof as to why meal planning should become your best friend.  How can you become an expert?

  • Decide how long your planning is for.  3 days? 1 week
  • Make sure you plan your meals around weekly sales!
  • Dont go shopping without having a detailed list of the specific items youll need for your menu
  • Be creative!  Switch it up and try different types of foods!

These are only some of the ways that can help you along your way to becoming an expert meal planner.  If youd like more information on meal planning and how to implement it in your life, talk to your weight loss consultant today!


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