As you may recall, last week we introduced you to something called platelet-rich plasma treatment (PRP).  PRP is an injection thats made from your own blood, whereby your blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge in a process that results in a solution that is heavy in platelet cells.  Platelet cells contain growth factors which tell the body when to begin the healing process.  How does this work for aging?  Quite simply:

  1. PRP is injected into the area being treatment (ex: wrinkles around the eyes)
  2. The large amount of platelets recognizes that your skin is wrinkled and requires rejuvenation
  3. The platelets signal your skin to start formulating collagen and all else that is necessary to heal your wrinkles
  4. Your wrinkles decrease considerably and your face becomes refreshed and rejuvenated
  5. The more treatments you receive, the more results youll see

To provide more reason for you to consider the value of PRP, consider where it originates: Orthopedics.

Yup!  PRP was first created to treat bone-related problems, and joint pain in specific.  How?  In the same way that PRP is now used for signs of aging, it is injected in areas of joint pain (or other bone concerns).  The platelets activate the bodys healing process in the respective area and effectively work to reduce pain and/or heal certain conditions.

PRP is not just another treatment that claims to work.  Because of its efficacy, doctors use it for patients with joint pain, arthritis in the knee, shoulder, hip, and spine, and other things such as back and neck injuries, sprains, and ligament injuries.  Because of its success rate, zero risk of infection, and low risk of side effects, PRP has been used more widely in recent years.  This includes its transfer into aesthetic treatment, where, again, it has proved to be a winner.

If youre interested in finding out more about why PRP is the right choice for you, talk to our consultants at Florida Aesthetics today! Results may vary depending on the individual.

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