Stem cells are unspecialized cells in the body that produce with the purpose of replenishing other cells in the body, and are found not only in embryos, but also in adults.  They can turn into any type of cell such that if, for example, extra skin cells are needed in the body, they differentiate into skin cells.  Because of this ability, researchers have been studying them for years as potential methods of treatment for various diseases and conditions, such as sports-related injuries.  For example, stem cells have shown promise in treating musculoskeletal injuries in athletes by helping to regenerate the cells necessary for the body to heal.

In addition, stem cells are now being considered for aesthetics purposes, such as the treatment of scars, acne scars, and for facelifts.  One specific use case is the stem cell peel, which is used on scars.  This peel, which contains stem cells, removes dead, old skin and generates new, smoother skin.  In this process, stem cells are used to aid the production of new skin, thus helping to greatly reduce or eliminate signs of scarring.  With acne scars, stem cells are taken from the patients body and injected into areas of the skin that are covered with acne scars.  These injections prompt the body to gradually create new, smoother skin, which helps with the scars.

As with scar treatments, stem cell facelifts rely on stem cells from the patient for treatment.  These facelifts provide noticeable rejuvenation to the face after one hour of treatment and without need for major surgery.  The procedure takes about an hour and can be done at a doctors office.

Stem cells, including those from your own body, provide much potential for the treatment of various aesthetic concerns.  If youre interested in learning more about such treatments, talk to our consultants at Florida Aesthetics today!

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