Women, Yogurt, & Weight Loss!

Women, Yogurt, & Weight Loss!

In recent years researchers have examined active cultures and bacteria in yogurt.  Their studies have yielded interesting findings: Bacteria in yogurt can help women lose weight and keep it off.  How’d they figure this out?

In a study of 125 obese men and women, researchers placed participants on a two-phase diet, which began with a restricted diet and ended with a meal plan but no restriction.  During this time, half the participants were also given two pills that contained as many probiotics (good bacteria) as can be found in one serving of yogurt.  Women who took the probiotic pills lost more weight than women who took the placebo in the first phase.  Interestingly enough, the group of women who took the placebo stopped losing weight in phase two: the maintenance phase.  However, the women who had been taking the probiotic pills continued to lose weight during the maintenance period.  Essentially, women who were consuming good bacteria found in yogurt lost more weight and more fat mass.  They also saw a drop in their level of leptin in their blood, which is a hormone that controls appetite and hunger.

These differences were not found in male participants.

So how does this work?  It appears that probiotics help reduce the amount of the bacteria in women’s stomachs that is linked to obesity.  The specific link this group of bacteria has to obesity is still unknown.  Further research on gut bacteria and on probiotics in the yogurt we eat may help researchers discern between those that help with weight loss and those that don’t.  Continued studies can potentially be used to help obese women who are trying to lose weight.

In the meanwhile, keep in mind that eating yogurt is beneficial, because it is a natural and calcium-rich food that can be consumed as a snack or as a part of a balanced meal.  It or other types of calorie-balanced dairy are an integral part of a healthy diet.   If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of yogurt and how to incorporate dairy into your diet, talk to our weight loss consultant today!

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Why Caffeine Should be Your Pre-Workout Drink

Why Caffeine Should be Your Pre-Workout Drink

Coffee.  About half of American adults drink some every day.  Some number of others drink tea or some other caffeine-containing drink.  This, the likely result of too much work/stress and too little sleep, it is, in a way, what we run on.  And as it turns out, studies are piling up with regards to why caffeine may be good as a pre-workout drink and post-exercise snack.  Caffeine?  Yes!

Recently, a study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that drinking caffeine before a workout led to more energy expenditure fat burn, and to less fat consumption than did exercise alone.  What this means is that caffeine may enhance the effect of exercise on our bodies.  It helps us to burn more before, during, and after our workouts (perhaps from the jolt of energy it gives) and somehow helps us make what may be healthier food choices. Of course, these findings indicate that structured workouts are needed for these results to appear, meaning that it may be best to make sure that our daily exercise is not just a walk up the stairs.

The results of this study are an addition to previous findings on the benefits of caffeine (specifically, coffee) in exercise.  Among the benefits that have already been established are:

  1. Improves blood circulation in those who don’t drink coffee regularly
  2. Decreases your sense of muscle pain during your workout
  3. Helps improve memory, making it easier to complete steps and routines in your workout
  4. Works to counter the loss of muscular strength that results with age
  5. If consumed post-workout, can increase muscle energy, which comes in handy for your next workout

Despite all the proven benefits of coffee/caffeine, doctors still caution against consuming too much.  The key to reaping these benefits is to do so in balance, and without forgetting to hydrate with water frequently.  By exercising caution and maintaining healthy eating habits, you may find that coffee (or other sources of caffeine) are great additions to your exercise routine.  If you’re interested in learning more about caffeine and exercise, talk to our weight loss coach today!

The Magic Of Laser Skin Treatments

The Magic Of Laser Skin Treatments

Skin conditions and concerns, including a need for revitalization, are issues that many of us face or worry about.  Even though skin is the bodys first line of defense against danger, it is sensitive to change and damage.  Whether it be sun damage, acne, or signs of natural aging, all of us have had skin that needs rejuvenation.  The magic of laser skin treatments can help. One way to deal with these issues in a minimally-invasive and FDA-approved way, and without worrying about treatment thats a hassle, is by using laser treatments.

Various laser technologies exist for the sole purpose of correcting skin conditions and eliminating or minimizing skin concerns.  Below is a list of treatment options, with the use and benefit of each:

Acne Laser Treatment

Laser genesis tightens pores and heals acne scars.  It works to minimize the appearance of acne, and can be used in conjunction with other skin treatments.

Laser Limelight

This particular treatment is a non-invasive and extremely effective method to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin while clearly reducing signs of aging.  It improves skin tone and treats skin imperfections.

Laser Vascular Treatments

Enlarged blood vessels and spider veins are a common concern, and can be eliminated easily and effectively with this laser.  The treatment gently destroys the vessel which is causing your condition, without causing damage, thereby eliminating it.

These three are excellent examples of successful treatments that help to improve your skins appearance and treat various skin conditions.  They are minimally-invasive and safe procedures.  If youd like to learn more about laser treatment or would like to come in for a consultation, talk to one of our consultants today! Results may vary depending on the individual.


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