Among the highly touted benefits of regular exercise are the aesthetic and mental ones that we all know.  Trainers and exercise experts encourage exercise for reasons such as losing weight, looking more fit, feeling happier, and enjoying more energy.  While these benefits are wonderful and absolutely worth pursuing, there is a more interesting and potentially more beneficial result to exercising regularly: Joint pain relief.

When it comes to joint pain and backaches, the common treatment used to be rest and perhaps medication.  According to WebMD, however, doctors have recently discovered that regular exercise helps people manage their pain better.   People who suffer from chronic pain live uncomfortable lives.  Introducing cardiovascular exercise and resistance training helps ease the discomfort, and allows individuals to tolerate pain better.

Exercising to manage pain is something that needs a doctors approval and supervision, so as to avoid potential injuries and worsening of painful conditions.  If and when your doctor approves, however, it will lead to great changes that will improve your life.  When trying to create a workout regiment that takes into consideration your health conditions, it helps to enlist the expertise of a personal trainer.  He/she can help to assess your physical fitness and posture, so as to determine the source of your pain and to work around it.

A healthy and balanced lifestyle is one that includes exercise.  If you are suffering from a pain condition, your discomfort is an added reason to include exercise in your daily routine.  If youd like to learn more about exercise for pain management talk to our weight loss consultant at Florida Aesthetics today!

Interesting Tip

Standing straight and tall, and sitting with relaxed hands and with body in an expansive stance help with pain management.  How?  According to Dr Oz, assuming a powerful pose releases testosterone and decreases levels of cortisol.  Testosterone acts to improve pain tolerance and lower levels of cortisol mean less stress.  So next time you’re feeling some pain, fix your posture!

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