Do Lipotropic or B12 Injections work for weight loss and energy?

Do Lipotropic or B12 Injections work for weight loss and energy?

I’m 31 years old, a little over my preferred weight, maybe 10 pounds or so, and ALWAYS tired it seems. I ran into a girl I was friends with from my childhood through high school and into some of my early college years. She was always really short and therefore, seems to carry more weight than average. Well this time, she looked great! She looked healthy, energetic, slim and toned. After catching up a bit, I had to compliment her and ask her what she was doing different. She told me that she went into a medical weight loss program under this great physician and loved it! SO I had to know, what was this program? How did it work? What was different that a regular “fad diet”? That is the moment I learned about B12 or “Lipotropic” injections. I was fascinated, and ready to learn more. So I went to Florida Aesthetics, I met Olympia, the weight coach, and started my free consultation. I was ready.

Olympia was fantastic. Light, energetic, understanding everything I was telling her with a calm presence that made me feel comfortable. She explained the options the program offered and what she thought would be best for me to start with based off what I had told her about myself. We were going to start with B12 shots, and see what that did for me, follow up in a week, and go from there.

Before my Vitamin B12 shot, I had felt drained and tired. I had had three nights in a row of about 5 hours of sleep, and even two cups of coffee at breakfast that morning hadn’t perked me up.  The process of getting the shot was pretty simple and took only a few minutes. The vitamins are injected either in your arm or near the back of your hip.I don’t and have never liked injections in my arms so I chose my hip.  I had to unzip my pants and get a little comfortable with a stranger. Luckily, I had some privacy and got to chat for a little bit with the health professional. Everyone was super nice at Florida Aesthetics and Wellness, and the space was bright, clean and inviting.  While I was surprised to feel a little sore on my backside immediately after the injection, within 10-15 minutes I did feel an improved mood and like the bags had lifted from under my eyes. Either it was the coffee kicking in or the shot — but I bet on the shot. I was excited, actually, ecstatic! Had I found the thing to take the miserable, sluggish, drained feeling I couldn’t stop feeling every single day? I was about to find out.

Olympia said I would probably feel best the next morning, but again, I’m not sure if it was the almost full night of sleep I finally got or the shot that did make me feel pretty much back to my normal, pre-fatigued self. I went throughout my day, looking for signs. Was I really more energetic? Well I didn’t feel groggy, my mid felt a little clearer, and not to mention, the simple act of rolling my feet over the edge of the bed and standing up, was pretty easy. I didn’t feel jittery, I felt “normal”, the way I felt 5 years ago when life wasn’t so busy and draining.  As my week went on, I slowly started to feel a little less of the newfound energy. I remembered Olympia told me I could come back as soon as 5 days later, so I made an appointment and went in. During that visit, I asked her, is this something I am going to become dependant on? The last thing I needed to add to my proliferate coffee addiction was another habit I felt I needed to make it through the day. She explained it to me and put my fears to ease. You see, B12 shots are an easy way for people to address one of the most common vitamin deficiencies and increase their energy and boost their mood. Vitamin B12 is important for proper red blood cell formation and brain function in addition to DNA synthesis, energy production and nerve cell health. It’s also really important when it comes to converting homocysteine.Supplementing with B12 may do a whole range of good stuff for us, including possibly preventing dementia and improving healthy fetal development during pregnancy. B12 is a vitamin that our body makes naturally, but can decrease over time due to age or for various other reasons. The injections are simply replacing what is lost in the purest, fastest and highest absorbing ways. I felt better and got my second shot.

Over the next month I continued to get my injections, once a week, and discuss everything I felt and what had changed for me with my weight coach. At the end of my month, I realized I had a much more productive and overall happy month, and these injections were in fact, helping me. I am continuing my injections at Florida Aesthetics, and now go bi-weekly, as I find that I dont need it as often, and am still getting the same benefits. Overall, B12 Lipotropic injections, helped me regain what I felt I was missing for quite some time, energy, health, happiness, and clarity! Not to mention, I lost 8 pounds in the first month and am now at a happier more desirable weight! If you haven’t tried them, and you feel like I did, you should really consider giving Olympia a call! It is well worth it.

How to plump up your cheeks

How to plump up your cheeks

Are you as curious about the injectable cheek filler “Voluma XC” as I was? I’ve seen friends and co-workers of mine who have had the treatment done and their before and afters were fantastic! With all the new videos of how to do your makeup, beautiful cheeks are everywhere. I did my own research, went in for a consultation, thought about it for a little while, and then decided I have nothing to lose and felt it would be a win win for me.  I got it done about a month ago so now I can tell you how my experience getting Voluma XC went.

Voluma XC is made by Allergan, the maker of Botox and Juvederm. Like Juvederm, Voluma is mainly comprised of Hyaluronic Acid but it’s thicker than Juvederm so it stays in place better, is injected deeper, and lasts longer. I’ve gotten both Botox and Juvederm in the past and for me, the injectables are the way to go to combat the visible signs of aging. It’s FDA approved and it’s supposed to last for up to 2 years!

The reason I knew it was for me was because I’ve always hoped for a way to plump up the cheeks because of how mine work. When I smile, my cheeks aren’t round and smooth, but have a flatness that’s almost an indent. I don’t like to wear my hair up, and I see myself in pictures and I appear to have this long, narrow face with no shape to it. I envy at girls with beautiful high cheekbones, that glow when they wear blush and highlighter. I wanted those pronounced high cheekbones and round apples. Looking in the mirror I would push them high and imagine what they would look like. I attempt to use makeup and give myself the illusion of having pronounced cheeks, but sometimes I end up just looking like a girl with too much makeup on.I considered the other options out there on the market and dove into my research. After much spent time, lots of before and after pictures, and a pros and cons list, I decided I really wanted this for myself.

After my full consultation with Nelia, I was confident and so was she that I would enjoy the results. She decided we would start with one syringe, putting half in each side, then if we decided that another syringe would benefit me, we would be able to split another into both, equalling 2 total.  I was expecting it to hurt more than getting Botox and Juvederm, but it actually hurt much less, and can easily be tolerated without much ice or numbing needed. I loved the way it was looking with the single syringe, but we opted for the second because my cheeks were really flat and needed the help.

Results are visible immediately, and I LOVED the results! I like to stay pretty private about what I change, so I decided I wasn’t going to tell my fiance or anyone else. I went home that day, and I felt he would kind of take second looks at me, but couldn’t put his finger on what was different. We went to dinner with two of our very close friends that night, and my girlfriend complimented how great my makeup looked, but that was it. I am most positive that no one seemed to notice anything was injected into my face. I had no bruising, no swelling, and this beautiful new shape to my face that I was obsessed with! Even putting makeup on became more fun.  A week or so later, we were helping my grandparents pack to move closer to us, and coming across pictures of my late mother, my fiance made the comment “Oh look at this! You definitely have her high cheekbones.” I blushed and my confidence went through the roof. I was very pleased to say the least. I’m someone who has over the years been quite skeptical, maybe even a little judgemental of those girls that go get a face full of botox and fillers, but now I have a different kind of respect for it.

When you talk to the injector, you see the passion, its like its their art and your face is their canvas. Any fears I had, she helped me overcome. Her honesty and personal desire for natural looking results made me forget I was even nervous in the first place. She showed me her work she had done in the past on previous patients who were so elated with results they allowed her to use them.

Now you might be thinking, what if I didn’t like them? Well, I had the same question as you. As I explained my fear of the possibility of hating my new cheeks or being too “fake” looking, it was explained to me that in the event that does happen, the filler can be dissolved. That changed everything. At that point I was ready to get something I really had wanted for a long time. I was so glad that I went through with it and I have ZERO regrets. The cost was so reasonable for something that lasts you 2 years and the process was smooth and effortless.

Overall, my experience with Voluma was what I wanted, and exceeded my expectations. I am 1 month post and am still enjoying the results and look of my new high cheekbones. I think this may be one treatment I may continue getting over the years. If you are thinking about it, go see Nelia and get your free consult! You have nothing to lose and some pretty cheeks to gain!


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