Lets face it.  Most of us indulged in the delicious foods that came with the holiday.  For some of us, it was only a few occasions.  For the rest of us, it was on and off from Thanksgiving to the New Year.  As good as that food tasted at the time, you’ve probably reached a point of regret for giving yourself a break from your weight loss goals and healthy lifestyle. It’s time to get back on track.

Thankfully, that deep-in-the-gut feeling doesnt have to haunt you for long.  Below are some great and easy tips that will help you get back on track, feel great again, and lose the holiday pounds!

1)   Exercise your willpower

Willpower is like a muscle.  The more you use it, the stronger it will get.  You may have let go during the holidays, but use this opportunity to strengthen your willpower again.  Avoid the chips at lunch, drink plenty of water, hit the gym after work, and choose a healthy dinner tonight.  All these steps will get you back where you were!

2)   Dont Obsess Over the Scale

Your weight is likely off balance after the holidays, with all the sugar and salt youve consumed.  Until you detox and your body is back to its normal eating rhythm, dont weigh yourself.  Itll make you feel much better.

3)   Take it Easy with your Workouts

If youve been away from the gym for a while, dont start your first day back with a crazy intensive workout.  Itll make it harder for you to keep going back, and may throw you off balance if it makes you sore (or tired enough).  Of course, if you thrive on high intensity, do what makes you comfortable.

4)   Dont Give up on the Kitchen

Were back to the busy life now that the holidays are over, but dont let that phase you.  Cooking is still an option, and one that is better for your goals than is eating out frequently.  Go online to find new and healthy recipes and discover food trends for 2014!

5)   Partner Up!

Make sure someone close to you is aware of your goals and provides you with positive support and encouragement as you get back into your healthy routine.  Keep in touch with your weight loss consultant to get the feedback you need to keep you going for all of 2014!

As always, more information for getting back on track are available through contacting our weight loss consultant.  Remember, your goal is in sight and you can do it!  This year is a chance for great change and success, so seize the moment!


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