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Skin needling treatment at Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight in Brandon, FL

Microneedling treatment, or skin needling, is a minimally-invasive non-surgical and nonabrasive procedure for facial rejuvenation that gives you radiant skin with lasting results. It is considered one of the safest skin treatment procedures. You can say good-bye to aging skin and hello to turning back the hands of time.

The treatment uses a pen-shaped electric medical device that employs about a dozen fine needles to penetrate the surface of the skin at a very high speed to rebuild elasticity and reduce the size of pores. The needles break down old scar tissue and stimulate skin cells to proliferate, resulting in the formation of new tissue layers of elastin and collagen fibers, and in the formation of new capillaries, which improve blood supply.

As the fine needles puncture the skin, they create channels or micro-wounds that trigger the body to fill them with new collagen and elastin, which leads to improved skin texture, firmness and hydration.

Skin needling is used to treat a variety of skin conditions including:

  • Scars caused by surgery, acne, and thermal burns.
  • Stretch marks and sagging skin
  •  Fine lines and deep wrinkles
  • Melasma pigmentation

What is the Microneedling procedure like?

The procedure is well tolerated. Depending on the area being treated and the problem being targeted, treatment takes between a few minutes to an hour to complete.

  • Patients should take care not to use any lotion, makeup, or topical creams on the area to be treated.
  • Before the micro-needling begins, a medical professional applies a numbing cream or local anesthetic to the area of concern.
  • A skin-needling device is used to puncture the skin in a specific pattern and is used several times to maximize results.
  • Each skin puncture creates a tiny wound, which allows for skin cells to regenerate.
  • The procedure takes between five and sixty minutes to complete.
  • It is recommended that six weeks pass between one treatment and the next to allow for new collagen to form completely.


Benefits of skin needling

  • Reduced risk of hyperpigmentation and scarring, making it safe on dark skin
  • Suitable for thin and sensitive skin
  • Can be done at an office/clinic and doesnt require too much special training or costly tools
  • Patients tolerate and approve of the treatment
  • It is cost-effective, and can be used to treat areas that other technologies, such as peels and laser, cannot treat.
  • Micro-needling leaves the epidermis intact and doesnt cause it damage, thus making it a safe procedure to repeat.
  • Unlike other skin resurfacing treatments, this procedure does not produce a line of demarcation between treated and untreated skin. Because of this, treatment can be applied to specific scar areas without the use of blending or feathering
  • Recovery time is minimal, and the patient can go back to normal activities within a few days, depending on how deep the needles penetrated the skin.  This is in contrast to treatments such as laser resurfacing and dermabrasion, where downtime from normal activities is necessary.

Microneedling skin rejuvenation treatment at Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight Loss in Brandon, FL

How many skin needling procedures does one need?

Each patients skin condition determines the number of treatments that are needed. Moderate acne scars may need between three and four treatments, while thermal burns and stretch marks may need five.  Conditions such as wrinkles caused by aging, one or two refresher treatments are recommended per year.   


Skin needles designed for home use can be used 2-3 times per week to:

  • Shrink pores
  • Decrease oiliness in the skin seborrhoea
  • Reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Improve the efficacy of medical skincare creams 
  • Minimize acne

Post-procedure care

  • Patients tolerate the procedure easily.  However, it is possible for dryness, scaling, redness, or swelling to occur after treatment, and they may last for a few days (or longer).
  • It is recommended that patients protect their skin from the sun after the procedure.
  • When the procedure is used to treat acne scars, it is recommended that the patient clean his/her face with a gentle cleanser every night.  This should be repeated in the morning and products such as makeup and lotions can be used regularly.
  • Postoperative wound infections are rare because micro wounds close quickly after the procedure is completed.
  • If necessary, emollients or antibiotics may be prescribed.
  • Skin rejuvenation will be visible as soon as two weeks after the procedure or as much as 6-8 months after.
  • Results for burn scar treatments can take between six months and one year to show.

Practical tips

  • Good quality instruments should be used to ensure correct treatment
  • The patients should be informed that several treatments may be required such as:
    • Subcision (surgical procedure using a needle to cut fibrous bands between fat lobules)
    • Punch elevation may also be needed to ensure optimal results for treatment of acne scars.
  • Local anaesthetic cream can help to prevent pain during the procedure.
  • Patients should wait 4-6 weeks before receiving another treatment.


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