Guest article written exclusively for Florida Aesthetics and Wellness

On a recent visit to Florida Aesthetics for a treatment, I asked my aesthetician if I would be a good candidate for permanent hair removal.  I had tried laser hair removal at another medspa years ago with disappointing results due to my hair type (very fine) and I was curious if any new technologies might be available that would work a little better for me. I was mainly hoping for a permanent solution to leg hair and also the bikini area… it’s Florida after all and I do spend quite a bit of time in a bathing suit.

My aesthetician told me about a new procedure called Electrolysis which was not something I had heard of before. She told me that electrolysis was a permanent hair removal procedure that not only removed hair but stopped it from growing back by permanently disrupting the hair growth at the follicle level.

She told me that Florida Aesthetics has just received a brand new device called an Apilus and that if I wanted, I could make an appointment for the very next day.  I thought, “why not, let’s go for it” and the next morning, I came in for my treatment. With any new treatment, I was a little anxious… what if it didn’t work… what if it was painful?  I shouldn’t have been.  This was a mild treatment and while there was some pain during the procedure, it was very manageable and the technician told me exactly what to expect. Best of all, the skin was only red for a day or so before it cleared completely up.  Not a big deal at all.

And the results… so far, I have to say it’s been amazing.  I’ve been in for a follow up treatment (it takes a few times to completely stop the growth) and I can already tell a significant difference.  Just the time I’m saving not having to shave in the mornings is going to be so worth it in the long term.  I really couldn’t recommend electrolysis at Florida Aesthetics enough. If you’re looking for the best permanent hair removal treatment in town, this is it, and their staff is so friendly and helpful as well. They always make me feel welcomed and pampered.  Highly recommended!