Reportedly one third of U.S. adults are considered “overweight”. This term refers to a person’s body weight being over the weight range that is considered normal for a certain height. Being overweight is most commonly because of extra body fat.

There are many ways to loose weight, and at Florida Aesthetics we offer medically supervised weight loss, Medical Weight Loss Program, and B Vitamins and MIC Injections. Explore the categories below to learn how we can help you loose weight.

Common Questions about Medical Weight Loss

Any type of overweight patient can benefit from medical weight loss. You must be overweight the qualify for the program, but even those who just need help losing a few pounds qualify for the program. Losing weight on your own can often be a struggle. With medical weight loss you’ll have the guidance and support of a medical professional who specializes in weight loss. They’ll be able to help you create healthy lifestyle habits that will not only help you to loose weight, but to keep the weight off even after you finish the program. If you’re overweight or obese and you’ve continually struggled to loose weight on your own, medical weight loss may be right for you.

You can quickly determine if you are overweight or obese baby calculating your BMI (Body Mass Index). Use this BMI calculator to find out what yours is. If your BMI is greater than 25 you are overweight, and if it’s greater than 30, you are obese.

Any patient can benefit from the program. Many patients only need help with the last 10 lbs they could not lose on their own, and others need help with a major transformation, losing 60-80 lbs. Some patients find the program helpful in maintaining their target weight once they reach it.

Florida Aesthetics’ medical weight loss program is very safe. We follow the American Society of Bariatric Physicians protocol and use FDA Approved medications. The program is run under the supervision of a physician.
While we do provide the option for a meal replacement program, most patients choose a different route. Our program aims at educating patients and guiding them through making the right food choices in their everyday lives. We offer Optifast as a meal replacement option if you choose. Meal replacement is recommended for some patients depending on their total circumstances and their weight loss goal.
While our weight loss programs have been very successful for many, your own success will depend greatly on your own commitment level. The more committed you are to your personalized program, and the more willing you are to stay the course, the more like you are to succeed. Your success is in your own hands, however our coaches are experienced and skilled in medical weight loss. The can provide some encouragement, motivation to help you keep working hard through the duration of your program.

At Florida Aesthetics, we provide guidance in many different weight loss methods. However, your weight loss program will be personalized and unique to your own genetics and weight loss goals. Schedule a complimentary consultation today to meet with one of our board certified physicians and learn which weight loss methods we recommend for you.

At Florida Aesthetics we take a non-surgical approach to weight loss. We do not provide weight loss surgery, however, if needed we can provide recommendations to others who do provide it. Our approach is for long-term weight loss and lifestyle change and has proven to be effective. We do this is by offering a personalized, holistic, weight loss program that is designed around your own genetic makeup.
The cost of your customize weight loss plan depends on your specific weight loss goals, your check-up results, and the doctor’s recommendation. The cost will be split between the full consultation, medications and supplements, and weekly weigh-ins.
No. Most insurances do not cover the cost of medical weight loss programs.

It depends on the patients’ initial state and their target weight goal. The patient’s commitment and compliance with recommendations will greatly impact how quickly they can have success in the weight loss program.

After beginning the weight loss program, you’ll come to our office for check-ins once a week. Later on, patients with busier schedules will have the option for a visit every two weeks.
Yes, we are happy to accommodate your needs and safety by providing a Telehealth option for your medical weight loss program. The specifics of how it will work depend on which option of our weight loss program you are enrolled in.

Our holistic weight loss programs are designed to enact lifestyle changes that will help you initially to loose the weight that you need to, but will also create healthy habits to help you keep the weight off once your program has concluded. We want to help you not only reach your weight loss goals, but to continue living with these healthy habits long after your program has ended. Schedule a complimentary consultation toady to meet with one of our physicians and learn how we can help you loose that weight for good!