A personalized approach to improving your health.

With our cutting-edge body composition analysis technology, we can help understand what’s behind your weight, set your goals, and track your progress.

Florida Aesthetics and Wellness now offers Body Composition Scans to help you:

  • Gain insight into your own metabolism and body composition:Our medical-grade scan provides actionable information on fat mass, muscle mass, and body water with 97% accuracy (as accurate as a whole-body MRI) through its use of weak electrical currents.
  • Put the data to work and optimize your therapy: Comprehensive assessment and result interpretation with individualized treatment planning provided by a licensed medical provider.
  • Achieve improved wellness: Whether your goal is to achieve a stronger body, reach a healthier weight, lose unwanted water retention, or improve longevity; we can help guide you through treatment protocols while tracking your progress along the way.

Improving Body Composition Means Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Measurements like lean body mass, fatty tissue, and water weight can provide far greater insight into your health than a simple measurement like body weight or a waist measurements can.
Always keeping longevity and overall health in mind, we take this information and use it to direct your therapy (ie. metabolism management, hormone therapy) and prevent health concerns.

Medical-Grade Precision and Accuracy:

Our body scan readings for muscle mass, fat mass, and body water are all verified and validated to measure with 97% accuracy (ie. on par with whole-body MRI) against a range of clinical studies through its use of bio-electrical impedance.
As well, it provides accuracy across a range of ethnicity and body types for a truly individualized readout.
All results have the highest reliability and provide real-world application.

Quick Results, Instant Access

Our scan provides results in less than 30-seconds, with easy access to your secure portal to access your results at any time, anywhere.

Muscle Mass:

Accurately track the newest vital sign: lean body mass (aka “muscle”). While protective against injury, muscle also plays a key role in creating a strong metabolism while promoting reduction of fatty tissue.

Fat Mass

Fatty tissue is a key indicator in a range of metabolic concerns such as Type 2 Diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Its effect on overall health, inflammation, and disease risk are just a few reasons that we prioritize healthy body composition change. The ability to differentiate between a healthy and unhealthy amount of fatty tissue is one way to make a step towards positive change.

Body Water

Water is considered the largest body compartment (making up nearly 60% of our body weight). Understanding how the body is currently holding water can help determine signs of inflammation, kidney disease, swelling or even dehydration.

Follow-up Measurements:

  • Are you finding that your weight on the scale isn’t changing but the hard work and exercise you’ve been doing has made your clothes shrink one full size?

  • Is your current exercise plan achieving your goals for body composition change and fat reduction?

  • Is your body primed to build muscle tone efficiently or is it actually losing muscle mass?

Measurements using cutting-edge body scan technology can help you better monitor your progress, understand your response to therapy,  and help you make informed decisions about your health.