Aesthetics Plus

The most generous reward program!


Program Overview

Aesthetics Plus is a reward program that is designed to maximize your return on investment at our clinic. It allows us to say thank you to you, and offer you a token of our appreciation. You can now earn rewards for every dollar spent at the clinic, for every referral made, and for reviewing Florida Aesthetics and Wellness services online. Reward points can also be earned for dollars spent toward our flagship medical weight loss program.


How it works

Aesthetics Plus reward program is hassle-free. You are eligible for the reward points as soon as you become a patient. Our staff will gladly check with you upon checkout if you would like to use points to save on a given day, or if you would like to accumulate your points to use towards future treatments.


Refer a Friend and Earn $25


Earn More Points With Social Media

Here at Florida Aesthetics and Wellness, we also reward you for all Facebook posts and tweets about our treatments. You can also enjoy further benefits and savings when you refer your friends to Florida Aesthetics and Wellness

Reward Points

Activity Reward Points
1 Dollar Spent 1 Point Earned
Refer a Friend $25
Schedule & keep next Toxin appointment 200
Google Plus Review 200
Facebook Like 25
Twitter Mention 5
Instagram Share 50
Birthday 200
Completed Feedback 10
Visitor Page Check-in 5

Redeem Points

Activity Reward Points
$10 OFF Any Treatment 200
$20 OFF Any Treatment 400
10 units Botox towards complete treatment 5000
FREE Speciality Facial 1000
FREE Microneedling 4000
FREE Laser Genesis 2000


New Patients Only!

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