Earn Points For Every Dollar You Spend

Program Overview

This reward program is designed to maximize your return on investment at our clinic.? A reward program allows us to say thank you to you, and offer you a token of our appreciation. You can now earn perks for every dollar spent at the clinic, for every referral made, and for reviewing Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight Loss services online.? Reward points can also be earned for dollars spent toward our flagship medical weight loss program.

How it works

Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight Loss loyalty reward program is hassle-free. you need nothing but your e-mail address to register online. Once your are enrolled, our scheduling system will keep track of points earned, and our staff will inform you of your reward status when you come in for an appointment. You will also receive an e-mail every time you earn points, and can choose to track your rewards on the Perkville website as well.

Earn More Points With Social Media

Here at Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight Loss, we also reward you for all Facebook posts and tweets about our treatments, shared through the Perkville website. You can also enjoy further benefits and savings when you refer your friends to Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight Loss.

One Dollar Spent | One Reward Point

Google Plus Review | 200 Reward Points

Facebook Like | 50 Reward Points

Twitter Mention | 50 Rewards Points

Instagram Share | 50 Rewards Points

Birthday | 200 Rewards Points

Completed Feedback | 10 Rewards Points

Refer A Friend | 500 Rewards Points

$10 OFF Any Service | 200 Rewards Points

$25 OFF Any Service | 400 Rewards Points

FREE Microdermabrasion | 1000 Rewards Points

FREE Laser Rejuvenation | 2000 Rewards Points

Frequently Asked Questions

I didnt receive an email from Perkville, how can I get started?

You can always sign up for Perkville directly at?Perkville.com.? Please make sure to use the same email you used when you signed up to Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight Loss.? That way Perkville will be able to find you and give you your points!

What do I say when I post to Facebook or Twitter?

Share your practice! Tell your friends about your experience at Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight Loss, it can be anything. Be sure to make your posts and tweets through the Perkville site for them to be eligible for points!

How do I refer a friend?

Log into your Perkville account and follow the prompts for referring a friend. Through the Perkville website, you can refer individual friends, or use your address book and refer lots of friends. It is easy. Tell the front desk when you check in that you are bring a friend and they will make sure you get credit. Remember you dont get credit unless your friend actually buys a treatment at?Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight Loss.

How do I redeem my Perkville points?

Its easy! Just sign-in to the?Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight Loss Perkville page, go to the Southern Om section on your homepage and click Redeem Now! in the upper right-hand corner of the page. From there, print out your voucher or bring/show the certificate on your phone at the studio and well put the Perk on your account! You can always find your vouchers later under the Perks tab on the top of your Perkville homepage.

I just received a great deal through e-mail from Perkville! How do I purchase it?

In the e-mail, you should see a green Buy or View It button. If you have images disabled in your e-mail account, you will just see the link Buy or View It. Click that to purchase your deal before it expires!

Can I gift my Perkville points to someone else?

Sorry, Perkville points are non-transferrable.

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