Winter: The Perfect Time to Correct Skin Damage!

Winter: The Perfect Time to Correct Skin Damage!

  • Non-invasive approach to treat benign pigmented and vascular lesions
  • Improves skin tone and surface imperfections
  • Treats the face and neck
  • 1-3 treatments depending on your skin
  • Results within 1-3 weeks

Laser Limelight is an FDA-approved laser treatment that can help reverse skin damage caused by sun and aging.  It is easy, does not take much time, and will give you the results you want and need. In each individual case, results may vary depending on a variety of factors such as severity of the condition, age, number of treatments, etc.  Laser Limelight is the ideal treatment to consider having before summer approaches and youre back out in the sun!  It will refresh your skin and give you a younger and more rejuvenated look.  Sustaining results is relatively easy, with the use of products such as the Obagi skin care system.  This system helps enhance the youthful look that Laser Limelight gives you, and treats acne and other skin imperfections you may have.

Should you consider Laser Limelight for yourself, be assured that our aesthetician is highly qualified and trained to provide you with the most comfortable experience possible, with great results guaranteed.  If youre interested in learning more about Laser Limelight and other facial treatments,  talk to our aesthetician at Florida Aesthetics today!

Laser Treatment of Veins & Brown Spots

Laser Treatment of Veins & Brown Spots

Veins and brown spots are both conditions that change the appearance of the skin and leave it in need of rejuvenation. Laser treatments can help these conditions. Spider veins and varicose veins are caused by enlarged blood vessels and have several causes, including:

  1. Obesity
  2. Hormones
  3. History of blood clots
  4. Birth control pills

Brown spots are the result of sun damage or genes, and are are essentially formations of excess amounts of melanin the pigmentation in our skin.  Both veins and brown spots can be treated via laser machines.

Cutera Excel is an FDA-approved laser that works to greatly reduce and eliminate veins.  Its light targets the veins so that blood coagulates and the vein is destroyed.  It is an extremely safe and effective procedure with only slight pain and minimal side effects.  The number of treatments required depends on the severity of the condition, though usually one or two treatments is enough. In each individual case, results may vary depending on a variety of factors such as severity of the condition, age, number of treatments, etc.

Laser Genesis can also be used to treat redness/veins that may appear in the face.  It uses the same technology as Cutera Excel.

With brown spots, Laser Limelight selectively treats the spots.  It works by applying heat to the spots, effectively allowing them to disappear.  Usually, one to three treatments are enough, though the number needed depends on your specific situation.  Results begin to show within one to three weeks after treatment.

With these laser treatments, both veins and brown spots can be treated, and you no longer have to worry about their appearance.  If youre interested in learning more about how these treatments can help your skin condition, talk to one of our consultants today!    

The Magic Of Laser Skin Treatments

The Magic Of Laser Skin Treatments

Skin conditions and concerns, including a need for revitalization, are issues that many of us face or worry about.  Even though skin is the bodys first line of defense against danger, it is sensitive to change and damage.  Whether it be sun damage, acne, or signs of natural aging, all of us have had skin that needs rejuvenation.  The magic of laser skin treatments can help. One way to deal with these issues in a minimally-invasive and FDA-approved way, and without worrying about treatment thats a hassle, is by using laser treatments.

Various laser technologies exist for the sole purpose of correcting skin conditions and eliminating or minimizing skin concerns.  Below is a list of treatment options, with the use and benefit of each:

Acne Laser Treatment

Laser genesis tightens pores and heals acne scars.  It works to minimize the appearance of acne, and can be used in conjunction with other skin treatments.

Laser Limelight

This particular treatment is a non-invasive and extremely effective method to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin while clearly reducing signs of aging.  It improves skin tone and treats skin imperfections.

Laser Vascular Treatments

Enlarged blood vessels and spider veins are a common concern, and can be eliminated easily and effectively with this laser.  The treatment gently destroys the vessel which is causing your condition, without causing damage, thereby eliminating it.

These three are excellent examples of successful treatments that help to improve your skins appearance and treat various skin conditions.  They are minimally-invasive and safe procedures.  If youd like to learn more about laser treatment or would like to come in for a consultation, talk to one of our consultants today! Results may vary depending on the individual.


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