Coolsculpting Jowls

Advantages and Results

The procedure is non-surgical, non-invasive, and painless. Our patients can relax while watching Netflix when undergoing Coolsculpting. Treatment results usually take 2-3 months to see but are considered permanent, as long as a healthy lifestyle is maintained.

Pricing and Our Advantage

If you are interested in learning about the cost of Coolsculpting jowls in Brandon, call us here at Florida Aesthetics and Wellness and schedule your free consultation. The total cost of your treatment will be available after the Coolsculpting specialist performs a full check of your body, determines treatable areas and a number of applications and procedures.

We provide discounts and seasonal offers, as well as a breakdown of payments. We also offer significant savings of 25-30% as you collect or use Brilliant Distinctions points, purchase more applications, and treat more areas.

The road to a strong jawline, no more turkey necks or double chins

Fat around the jaw can be problematic for both men and women of all ages. Even at the fittest stages of life, that extra fat that just doesn’t seem to want to leave no matter what you do can create a self-conscience image.  

Coolsculpting has created a way to get rid of that unwanted fat PERMANENTLY without surgery or needles. It is commonly used for unwanted fat around the abdomen and love handles but it is also extremely effective in treating fat around the jawline, neck, and chin. 

The CoolMini applicator from Coolsculpting is shaped and sized for the under-chin area. The CoolMini is a smaller applicator but functions exactly the same as the other Coolsculpting applicators. During treatment, the applicator chills the area to below freezing temperatures, without damaging the skin. This freezing technology causes fat cells to crystalize and be metabolized out of the body. 

Indications and Contradictions 

If all you can see when you look in the mirror are basset hound jowls or a floppy turkey’s wattle, it’s time to talk about your options with a Coolsculpting specialist.

There are just a few contraindications, which include pregnancy and lactation, oncological diseases, certain skin conditions, wounds, and a number of rare health conditions. During your initial consultation, make sure to inform the specialist about all your health details.


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