Coolsculpting For Stomach

Advantages and Results

While some patients see first results in as early as 3 weeks, most results are noticeable in between 6 to twelve weeks Unwanted fat will go away, and your body will finally get that healthy slim look that you have always wanted!

Pricing and Our Advantage

If you are interested in pricing for Coolsculpting stomach, please schedule your free consultation with one of our certified Coolsculpting specialist. During the consultation, the specialist will discuss your goals, the treatable areas, the number of sessions required, and then determine how much the treatment would cost you.

CoolSculpting is a revolutionary medical treatment, and although it’s relatively simple, its administration requires certain skill. Choosing Florida Aesthetics serving Tampa Bay Area, you can rest assured that you will be treated by one of our licensed, experienced and friendly practitioners, and you will get proper assessment and treatment.

We provide seasonal offers and discounts, and the option for interest free financing. Also, you will incur Brilliant Distinction points, and can use your Brilliant Distinction points to pay for the Coolsculpting treatment.

Freeze Away Your Stubborn Belly Fat!

For many of us, stubborn stomach fat is very upsetting. No matter how hard we train and how healthy we eat, this annoying ‘pouch’ just doesn’t go away. For years, a surgical removal stubborn fat was the only solution. Luckily, we now have another option – CoolSculpting for abdomen.

CoolSculpting is an innovative, non-surgical, non-invasive, pain-free procedure that rids you of unwanted fat permanently. Basically, it freezes your fat cells away. The procedure is fast, and requires zero downtime.

During the treatment, an applicator is applied to the area of unwanted fat which causes the unwanted fat cells freeze. Your body will naturally metabolize the frozen cells and get rid of them. It is completely safe and pain-free. The treatment does not affect any other parts of your body due to the difference in freezing temperatures of fat tissue and other tissues. One session can take between 35 to 60 minutes, depending on the body area being treated.

If you have any unwanted fat on your stomach or flanks, but don’t want to undergo a surgery, CoolSculpting stomach in Brandon is the best option for you.

Indications and Contradictions 

There are only a few contraindications, which include pregnancy or lactation, sensitivity to cold, wounds and scars, and some others. Make sure to let your Coolsculpting specialist know if you have any health issues and whether you have any contraindication symptoms during your initial consultation.


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