Have you ever wondered how it is that, for a good number of years in our life, our skin remains smooth and firm?  Maybe you wondered if it was possible to make use of this secret to our skin in a way that keeps our skin elasticity. If so, you’re not alone.

You may already know that collagen is responsible for the firmness we see in our skin.  It’s also the loss of collagen that causes wrinkles and sagging.  Interestingly, there is something else in our bodies that allows collagen to do its job.

Growth factors are proteins that regulate cell activity in the body, including skin cells.  They play a role in cell growth and distribution.  Without them, our skin cells cannot be renewed or healed in case of injury or aging.  In a sense, growth factors are the reason our skin remains young and firm for so many years of our lives.

Unfortunately, with age, the ability of these growth factors to keep our skin firm and healthy decreases.  Why?  Our body simply stops making as much growth factors as it used to.  As a result, our skin elasticity no longer maintains the ability (through collagen, etc) to remain firm and smooth.  And this is essentially how the aging process occurs.

These days, measures can be taken to prevent this drastic decrease in growth factors.  We can, essentially, keep our skin from aging the way it otherwise would.

Obagi ReGenica, for example, contains growth factors that mimic the effect of naturally-occurring growth factors.  This solution works actively to keep skin rejuvenated and young, and works relatively quickly.  It is non-invasive and very easy to use.

Like ReGenica, TNS serum is another product that decreases the appearance of wrinkles and maintains smooth and firm skin.  It has similar effects to Regenica and is also a non-invasive solution.

Both of these products are designed to help you combat the natural decrease in growth factors in your body as you get older.  They are safe and are guaranteed to work in your skins favor.  If you think that these products are a good option for your skin, talk to one of our licensed medical staff today!