In a place like Florida, fun in the sun is all too common.  Even when not done intentionally, we find ourselves exposed to the powerful rays of the sun.  It may be warm and pleasant, but it’s not all good news.  Sun exposure is, unfortunately, the cause of skin damage and the reason many people develop skin cancer.

Excess sun exposure forces our skin to produce more melanin, thus darkening (or reddening) our complexion.  The real problem comes down the line.  Sun exposure can cause skin lesions, tumors, discoloration, and severe damage to the skins elasticity.  In short, our skin ages much more quickly when we expose it, unprotected, to rays of light.  The really bad news? Continued exposure, or even one severe sunburn, increases the risk of skin cancer.

Sunlight contains UV rays, which are, by nature, harmful to the human body. Whether it comes from the natural sun or from tanning beds, UV exposure damages skin and increases risk of problems down the line.  Sun spots, lesions, and discoloration are real issues for anyone, and have the unpleasant effect of aging the face.

What may be more surprising than this is that sun damage does not only occur in hot summer months.  Sunlight and ultraviolet rays damaging properties usually remain strong, even during the winter.  What does that mean?  Taking care of your skin is a year-round commitment.

Fortunately, there are simple steps that can be taken to protect you and your loved ones from all this damage, and to help you alleviate any skin damage you may already have.

The easiest thing you can do?  Apply sunscreen!  One of Obagis products is an excellent sunscreen thats guaranteed to protect you from the harm of Floridas powerful rays.  Using it daily can be the difference between healthy, young-looking skin and prematurely-aged skin.

If you find that your skin has already been damaged do to sun exposure, sunscreen cannot undo the damage; it can only protect you from further risk.  Instead, undergoing a procedure such as Cutera laser genesis can rid you of sun spots or legions that you may have developed.

This technology provides your skin with protection from further damage.  It also removes redness and spots, and stimulates collagen protection to help reduce wrinkles.  Put simply, its an easy solution to aged skin that works wonders!

Regardless of what you choose to do, remember the importance of protecting your skin from sunlight.  As wonderful as it may be to sunbathe, doing so will bring detrimental consequences and potential risks to your health.  For more information on skin health, talk to one of our licensed medical staff today!