One of the signs of aging is a change in our skin appearance.  We develop wrinkles and our skin begins to sag.  Bags also appear under our eyes.  These changes are the result of our skins decreased ability to remain elastic and firm.  The older we get, the less strength our skin tissue and muscles have.  Compounding this aging effect is the movement of the fat layer under our skin.  It moves closer to the surface as we age, and thus contributes to the bags under our eyes.  At some point in time, we may look more tired than we actually are because these bags become permanent, but luckily Neotensil can help.

Recently, Obagi has released a new technology that works to treat this particular sign of aging: Neotensil.  It is a minimally-invasive invisible shapewear film that effectively reduces bags under the eyes.  This product is placed under the eyes for 45 minutes to one hour.  Within hours of removal, effects are clearly noticeable and bags are drastically reduced.

Neotensil is neither a cream, nor an injectable product.  It is an easy, non-invasive method to treat clear signs of aging without the need for drastic measures such as surgery.  Essentially, Obagis product compresses the appearance of under-eye bags relatively quickly.

Why is it a good option?

  • It does not require painful or time-consuming procedures.
  • It is easy to use AND is effective
  • Its less of a hassle and is more affordable than other procedures

The reality is that all of us have and will see ourselves age.  Products like Neotensil are excellent methods to help reduce signs of aging.  Neotensil itself is a great product because it treats one area that, over time, can make us look older than we actually are.   Instead of turning to invasive procedures to handle our aging concerns, and to avoid looking older than we are, give some though to Obagis Neotensil product and talk to one of our specialists at Florida Aesthetics today!