We find ourselves, yet again, close to the end of another summer season.  Like many, you have probably taken advantage of the warm weather and the suns beautiful rays this past summer, but skin damage is something to pay attention to. Family vacations, picnics, barbeques, and fun on the beach have essentially kept us exposed to the sunlight for the last few months.  Unfortunately, the fun that we’ve enjoyed has likely taken a toll on us.  How?

Sun Damage!

Its not at all an exciting occurrence, but it is something to be aware of.  The more we expose ourselves to the sun, the more our skin suffers from its rays and causes skin damage. What exactly happens?

  1. More sun exposure means more melanin production.  Melanin is responsible for protecting our skin
  2. More melanin production leads to darker looking/sun-burned skin
  3. Uneven melanin production makes the skin look irregular
  4. Skin can develop a reddish appearance and/or age spots can form.  Age spots are spots of extra melanin production
  5. Wrinkles may follow!

Step by step, the above shows how sun exposure damages our skin.  Not only does it affect its appearance, but it also increases our risk for skin cancer and can increase the development of signs of aging (i.e. wrinkles).  The lighter the skin, the more likely it is that damage will occur.  If we spend too much time in the sun and dont use products to protect our skin, this essentially dangerous damage will occur.  There are, however, ways to protect your skin and treat it when damage does occur:

Laser treatment

Laser Genesis is a technology that is intended for the purpose of treating age spots and dark pigmentation and helps restore even skin tone.

Laser Limelight is used to treat different skin conditions in a manner that helps to revitalize the skin. It targets skin imperfections that result from aging

Obagi 360

This system works to maintain youthful appearance and helps to protect against damage from sources such as harmful sun exposure.

Obagi NuDerm

This is an entire system of topical creams that work actively to rejuvenate the skin and treat age spots, wrinkles, and other signs of skin damage.  It is excellent at treating signs of aging, and includes sunscreen to protect you all day long while youre out in the sun.

 There are multiple methods by which you can protect your skin from sun damage and treat damage that has already occurred.  If youre interested in learning more, talk to our consultants at Florida Aesthetics today!