Skincare is not just something for women to think about. Like women, men experience sun exposure, aging, and other forms of damage to their skin. And like women, men can find an easy and effective solution for their skincare needs! Obagis line of products includes Obagi 360, which is a simple, yet extremely effective product that works to keep skin soft, smooth, and rejuvenated. What exactly does it contain?

  1. Exfoliating cleanser: Clears clogged pores to reveal soft, smooth skin
  2. Retinol: Refines complexion and gives clearer-looking skin
  3. Hydrafactor: A two-in-one moisturizer and sunscreen.? Helps prevent sun damage

Obagi 360 is exactly what its name suggests. It works to take care of all aspects of your skin, and is both gentle and effective. 360 is easy to use, which makes it practical for men with skincare needs! It is a great solution to a common concern. Results may vary depending on the individual. If youd like to learn more about Obagi 360 and other skincare products, talk to a consultant at Florida Aesthetics today!