From Jennifer Aniston to Khloe Kardashian, just about every Hollywood A-Lister has used CoolSculpting to target their trouble zones and create their envious red carpet bodies. But CoolSculpting isn’t just for the rich and famous; it’s available to any man or woman who wants to use a simple non-invasive procedure to freeze away unwanted fat.

If you’re ready to try CoolSculpting for yourself and replace stubborn stores of fat with defined contours, make sure you properly prepare for your treatment. The followi-ng tips will help you get and keep the permanent results you want.

Before CoolSculpting: Reach Your Ideal Weight

Unlike plastic surgery, CoolSculpting requires very little preparation. However, it’s important to note that CoolSculpting is a body contouring tool, not a weight loss procedure. The most powerful preparation tool you have is gradual weight loss.

This allows CoolSculpting to specifically target stubborn pockets of fat and visibly restore a slimmer and more attractive appearance to your legs, arms, abdomen, back, or chin. If you adopt healthy eating and exercise habits before CoolSculpting, you just need to maintain them after your treatment to enjoy your results for years to come.

Right Before CoolSculpting

Thanks to the easy nature of CoolSculpting, you don’t need to stress or change your routine in the days leading up to your treatment. Simply arrive at your appointment with something to help you relax and pass the time during your virtually painless procedure. Most patients check email, listen to music, or read a book during their CoolSculpting treatment.

CoolSculpting is powerful but gentle, which makes it possible for you to return to your normal schedule immediately after your appointment. No downtime, no recovery period, and no complications aside from skin that might be slightly tender to the touch.

Track your transformation with pictures, and you may notice signs of fat reduction as early as three weeks after your treatment. At three months after your CoolSculpting appointment, your body will look toned and transformed!

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