CoolSculpting for Fat Reduction: Is it for you?

CoolSculpting for Fat Reduction: Is it for you?

Are you looking for a way to improve body contouring and reduce fat without the hassle of dieting or invasive procedures? The CoolSculpting treatments at Florida Aesthetics are an easy way to achieve your weight loss goals. Our qualified staff members work to give you a wonderful experience so you can reach the best possible results.

What is CoolSculpting?

  • CoolSculpting is a safe and effective way to eliminate stubborn body fat without any downtime.
  • It is the only FDA-approved procedure to eliminate extra fat.
  • It is proven to reduce problem areas without using needles or participating in diet and exercise.

Is CoolSculpting safe?

The technology we use for this treatment is safe and easy to use. Our licensed professionals at Florida Aesthetics are certified and have special training to keep you safe. The technology has built-in protection that will automatically stop the sensors if your skin becomes too cold.

In addition, our staff will use an individualized approach with each patient to ensure that we use the treatment that works best for you. During the consultation, our certified CoolSculpting specialist will discuss the areas that you have issues with, then mark them off, showing you exactly how and where the applicators will be applied during treatments. Next, we’ll determine how many applicators you will require to cover the area that you wish to rid of fat.

Is CoolSculpting for both men and women?

Of course! For men, the most popular area for this treatment is the abdomen. Also known as that stubborn belly fat. This can be used for upper and lower abdomen and even the sides, leaving a sculpted and firmer looking stomach without the use of knives or needles!

How much does CoolSculpting cost?

Just like our consultation is dependent on your needs – so is our pricing! The exact price of the treatment will be determined based on the treatment plan developed during the consultation.

What kind of results can I look forward to?

The CoolSculpting treatment can work on large, medium, and small sized individuals, reducing fat up to 25% in the treated area! Your body can be swimsuit ready in as little as 6-12 weeks.

Are there any side effects to CoolSculpting?

Usually there is not any downtime with this treatment, but you may experience some redness, numbness, bruising, and swelling for a few days after the treatment. In rare cases the side effects can last up to 2 weeks but will resolve itself.

How can I schedule my CoolSculpting appointment?

We offer free consultations so you can meet with our trained staff to discuss your personalized CoolSculpting treatment plan. To schedule, you can either call us at (813) 701-5334, email, or click here to fill out a form.

Summer Bodies are made in Winter thanks to CoolSculpting!

Summer Bodies are made in Winter thanks to CoolSculpting!

Thanksgiving meals, family gatherings and holiday parties… It’s every body-conscious person’s least favorite time of year. If you’re afraid of adding subcutaneous fat, to and hide the abdominal, thigh or buttock tone / firmness this winter – we here at Florida Aesthetics have just the solution!

CoolSculpting is a fat freezing (cryolipolysis) technology for visible or stubborn fat resistant to diets and exercise. In addition to being FDA-cleared, this non-surgical treatment can treat 9 different areas of the body: visible bulges under the chin, thighs, abdomen and flanks, along with bra fat, upper arms, back fat, and underneath the buttocks.

According to, most patients see a 20-25% reduction in fat layer thickness after a single session by eliminating fat cells permanently! Thus, the procedure actually reduces the number of fat cells in the treated areas. Talk about effective treatment, and fast and lasting results!

Everyone gets a little gluttonous over the holidays… Is this treatment gender specific? No! Although men and women most often show fat in different areas of their body – CoolSculpting works for everyone!

We know winter is a busy time of year filled with calendar events and professional obligations. That’s why CoolSculpting is so fitting. Being a non-surgical procedure, with no down time, and zero recovery time and hardly any unpleasant side effects. This will allow you to keep that busy calendar AND prepare for your summer body reveal!

Eat that extra sister Schubert roll and have a second round of Grandma’s homemade Christmas dessert – our Christmas present to you is that we’re here and we’re just one call away from taking all the fret out of the holiday weight gain that stalks your every bite.

If you schedule your CoolSculpting appointment now, you can end the holiday season with a slimmer, more toned look. Do not forget the special pricing offer. Call (813) 305-1385 today to make your appointment at Florida Aesthetics and Wellness in Brandon, Florida.

Improving the Appearance of Lax Tissue: CoolSculpting For the Chin

Improving the Appearance of Lax Tissue: CoolSculpting For the Chin

The tools and treatments available for non-invasive cosmetic enhancement have evolved rapidly over the past ten years, but neck contouring options have long remained limited to invasive procedures like liposuction or neck lift surgery.

Thanks to CoolSculpting in Brandon, Florida, all of that has changed. CoolSculpting originally earned its FDA clearance as a non-invasive fat reduction treatment for the love handles, stomach, and other stubborn areas of fat. Now, CoolSculpting is also FDA cleared as the first and only non-surgical fat reduction technology for improved appearance of lax tissue around the double chin area.


CoolSculpting For Submental Fat

The double chin is also known as submental fat, the excess fatty tissue that accumulates along the chin and neck. Submental fat usually develops as a result of genetics and aging. Even otherwise healthy, active men and women are still vulnerable to the “double chin” effect.

CoolSculpting is clinically proven to reduce fat up to 20% in the treated double chin area after just one treatment. When combined with the ability for CoolSculpting to also improve lax tissue in that area, this treatment can transform your appearance and help you look and feel years younger.


How Does CoolSculpting Work?

CoolSculpting® delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin. As they are treated, fat cells freeze and die. It takes a few months for your body to naturally process and eliminate dead fat cells. Once the fat cells leave your body, treated areas look leaner and more sculpted.

Unlike liposuction and other unpleasant fat removal treatments that are invasive and require extensive recovery, CoolSculpting offers a simple, painless, and noninvasive way to tackle unwanted fat.


Schedule Your CoolSculpting Appointment in Brandon, Florida

Instead of using multiple different treatments to reduce submental fat and loose, sagging skin around your neck, CoolSculpting can tackle both problems in one treatment. Best of all, you can enjoy your results without suffering through an extensive recovery period or unpleasant side effects.

If you schedule your CoolSculpting appointment now, you can welcome the holiday season with a slimmer, more contoured neck and jawline. Call (813) 305-1385 today to make your appointment at Florida Aesthetics and Wellness in Brandon, Florida.

CoolSculpting: It’s For Men, Too

CoolSculpting: It’s For Men, Too

Since its FDA approval, CoolSculpting has lit the cosmetic world on fire by providing the technology for a simple and noninvasive fat reduction procedure. It’s no wonder that Hollywood celebrities are jumping at the chance to share their CoolSculpting success stories.

While there’s no denying that CoolSculpting has helped countless women enhance and sculpt their bodies, don’t forget that CoolSculpting is for men, too! Men can also use CoolSculpting to target stubborn fat and embrace slimmer, more toned bodies.




How Does CoolSculpting Freeze Fat Away?

A Tampa CoolSculpting treatment applies controlled cooling to targeted areas of the body. The beer belly, under-chin fat, and love handles are the most popular areas that men choose for treatment.

The cold cuts through to the fat cells under the skin without actually causing any harm to the skin’s surface. With enough cold, the targeted fat cells crystallize and die. They don’t disappear right away, but instead are naturally filtered out of the body as a waste product over the span of a few weeks.


Quick, Simple, Personalized Results For Men

The beautiful thing about CoolSculpting is that men can customize their treatments based on your exact body needs. Even better, you can achieve these results with just a simple procedure.

As CoolSculpting is applied to your skin, you will feel a chilly cold sensation and a light suctioning as the fat is moved to be filtered out of the body. Most patients read, text, check emails, or scroll through social media during their treatments. Once your treatment is over, there is no downtime! You get to return to your normal activities knowing that in a few weeks your body will look better than ever.

Schedule CoolSculpting in Brandon, Florida

If you want to reduce up to 25% of fat from the most troublesome areas of your body, CoolSculpting is the key. Women aren’t the only ones who feel self-conscious about their bodies, and they’re not the only ones who can use innovative treatments to enhance their appearance, either.

Call (813) 305-1385 today to schedule your CoolSculpting appointment at Florida Aesthetics and Medical Weight Loss in Brandon, Florida. Your ideal image is within reach!

Whats all this craze about COOLSCULPTING?!

Whats all this craze about COOLSCULPTING?!

Get all the details right here. What it is, how it works, who is a candidate, and first hand details from me following my very own experience! I can not tell you how excited I am to share this information with everyone, it literally has me jumping with joy. Let’s dive right in to all the juicy details!

So, CoolSculpting. You’ve probably heard it somewhere, maybe a commercial on TV, or heard it on the radio, you may have even seen it on your Facebook or Instagram feed. Well, when we first brought in CoolSculpting, I will tell you, I was a sceptic. I heard “freeze away fat” and “If you can squeeze it, you can freeze it” along with, “ non-invasive” and “no downtime”. Naturally, I was skeptical, as any one of us modern day consumers drowning in fad diets, fat reduction lasers, crazy detox teas and such are.

Alright so now the juice, how does this work? Lets talk science. CoolSculpting is an innovative, non-invasive way to contour your body by freezing unwanted fat away. The CoolSculpting procedure works by delivering controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the subcutaneous fat cells underneath the skin while leaving the skin itself unaffected. The treated fat cells are crystallized (frozen) then die. Over time, your body naturally processes the fat and eliminates these dead cells, leaving a more sculpted you.

Some main facts about CoolSculpting are:

  • It is the world’s # 1 non-invasive fat reduction procedure.
  • Millions of treatments have been performed worldwide.
  • It is FDA-cleared, safe and effective.
  • Once treated, fat cells are gone FOR GOOD!

I bet you have a bunch of questions now!

Let’s get to the part where I volunteered myself as the guinea pig for this crazy cool technology that has caught the attention of millions all over the world. It all starts with a consultation. I got to see other peoples before and afters, which is always great but can still leave room for skepticism considering all the apps available for modification these days. My CoolSculpting Specialist went over the facts, the pictures, and then had me change. There was tugging, pulling, and drawing on my different areas of concern. I learned through her you can treat any of the areas following such as; under the chin, bra fat, upper arms, back fat, abdomen, thighs, flanks, and underneath the buttocks known as the banana roll. Now me personally, I wanted to start with the flanks. Since I was young I have had love handles. I was a scrawny little girl growing up, but always had the muffin top over jeans just because of my love handles. I thought, well if this works, this will be the first time in my life that I actually have a waist! I couldn’t wait.

Treatment day came. I changed into my disposable garments, my CoolSculpting specialist took pictures, drew on my flanks the places we would start treating, and then set me up. A gel pad was placed over the circle drawn on my side. Then came the machine. A long hose with a little vacuum head at the end of it. She turned on the vacuum and boom, it sucked in the entire circle drawn on my skin. I could literally feel it sucking my love handle as if someone was pulling it. She positioned me on a bed with pillows, covered me with a blanket, and pressed the cooling button. It started to get cold, then colder, then really cold. I felt a little stinging but the kind you felt when you were a kid and your mom forced you to hold the ice pack on the boo boo for longer than you wanted. About 3 minutes later, I went numb and the stinging was gone. I sat there comfortably watching Netflix for the next 35 minutes. It was over pretty fast and she came back, removed the vacuum and gel pad, then using a wipe she cleaned my skin and massaged the cold area. This felt good as it was warming the skin. Im quite ticklish so of course I squirmed and giggled but non the less the 2 minute post massage was my favorite part. We did all the same things to the other areas of my flanks, and before you knew it I was done with my procedure and getting dressed.

Over the next few days, I had few side effects. A little swelling, small amounts of bruising, and some tenderness, all which were normal and went away with a short timeframe. Over the next few weeks, I felt as if I could slowly start seeing the results with no change to my diet or exercise. The time frame for full results is 12 weeks. I went back for my 4 week post treatment follow up, and we took some more pictures. I could not believe my eyes! The images were mind blowing, the results were in and they were amazing! I still had 8 more weeks to see my results. I was ecstatic. All my pants started to fit different. I normally would wear them very high (over my belly button) to try in case in the love handles and give me a more hourglass shape, but I didn’t have to anymore! MY yoga pants wouldn’t make me bulge over, my jeans were loose around the waist, my shape had completely changed! I officially had a waist! Over the next 8 weeks my results only got better and better. When I went for my 12 week follow up, It was incredible to me how much I changed from my very first picture.

I immediately scheduled to have the procedure done on my abdomen, and will continue to schedule all my areas now that I know it works and works really well!

I know what everyone is thinking at this point, how much is this going to cost me, and how can I sign up! Well, At Florida Aesthetics and Wellness, the cost of the consult is FREE. That’s right, I said FREE. Once you go in you can get a breakdown of the areas you want to freeze, the size of the tool required and the cost of that tool. Without seeing the fat, the area, the size, the shape, getting an estimate is virtually impossible because as humans, were all built completely different. What I will tell you is this, it was worth every single penny. If you are even thinking about it, schedule a consult, it could change your life the way it changed mine! Come March, (i’m getting married) I will be able to have the perfect hourglass shape in my wedding gown, and it is all thanks to CoolSculpting!

CoolSculpting: What You Need to Do Before and After Treatment for Best Results

CoolSculpting: What You Need to Do Before and After Treatment for Best Results

From Jennifer Aniston to Khloe Kardashian, just about every Hollywood A-Lister has used CoolSculpting to target their trouble zones and create their envious red carpet bodies. But CoolSculpting isn’t just for the rich and famous; it’s available to any man or woman who wants to use a simple non-invasive procedure to freeze away unwanted fat.

If you’re ready to try CoolSculpting for yourself and replace stubborn stores of fat with defined contours, make sure you properly prepare for your treatment. The followi-ng tips will help you get and keep the permanent results you want. (more…)


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