Since its FDA approval, CoolSculpting has lit the cosmetic world on fire by providing the technology for a simple and noninvasive fat reduction procedure. It’s no wonder that Hollywood celebrities are jumping at the chance to share their CoolSculpting success stories.

While there’s no denying that CoolSculpting has helped countless women enhance and sculpt their bodies, don’t forget that CoolSculpting is for men, too! Men can also use CoolSculpting to target stubborn fat and embrace slimmer, more toned bodies.

How Does CoolSculpting Freeze Fat Away?

A Tampa CoolSculpting treatment applies controlled cooling to targeted areas of the body. The beer belly, under-chin fat, and love handles are the most popular areas that men choose for treatment.

The cold cuts through to the fat cells under the skin without actually causing any harm to the skin’s surface. With enough cold, the targeted fat cells crystallize and die. They don’t disappear right away, but instead are naturally filtered out of the body as a waste product over the span of a few weeks.

Quick, Simple, Personalized Results For Men

The beautiful thing about CoolSculpting is that men can customize their treatments based on your exact body needs. Even better, you can achieve these results with just a simple procedure.

As CoolSculpting is applied to your skin, you will feel a chilly cold sensation and a light suctioning as the fat is moved to be filtered out of the body. Most patients read, text, check emails, or scroll through social media during their treatments. Once your treatment is over, there is no downtime! You get to return to your normal activities knowing that in a few weeks your body will look better than ever.

Schedule CoolSculpting in Brandon, Florida

If you want to reduce up to 25% of fat from the most troublesome areas of your body, CoolSculpting is the key. Women aren’t the only ones who feel self-conscious about their bodies, and they’re not the only ones who can use innovative treatments to enhance their appearance, either.

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