fat freezing

You work out and you eat healthy, but no matter how hard you try you still can’t get that stubborn fat to budge. CoolSculpting is a fat freezing, non-surgical approach to body sculpting and fat reduction. With CoolSculpting, stubborn fat areas are targeted and the fat cells are frozen. After this, your body will naturally eliminate these dead fat cells and you’ll begin to see the results in just 1-3 months. On average, patients experience 25% or more fat reduction in targeted areas.

Stubborn Fat

Stubborn fat cells are basically the same as any other fat cells. It is referred to as “stubborn fat” because it stays in those trouble areas even after you work out and adopt healthy habits. Commonly treated stubborn fat areas include abdomen, inner and outer thighs, arms, flanks, and the sub-mental.

CoolSculpting Treatment

The CoolSculpting treatment is a cutting-edge, non surgical, non-invasive treatment for designed specifically stubborn fat areas. It’s unique “fat-freezing” technology will get rid of unwanted fat permanently. With short treatment times of just 35 minutes and no downtime, CoolSculpting will visibly reduce fat in targeting areas without going through all the trouble of surgery.

How Fat Freezing Works

The unique “fat-freezing” technology works by exposing the fat cells to colder temperatures thus triggering the death of those cells. The CoolSculpting applicator will deliver cold enough temperatures to break down the fat cells and cause them to die without damaging the surrounding skin and muscle tissue. Many patients have found that once these fat cells are gone it is much easier to keep weight off in those stubborn fat areas.

Fat Freezing CoolSculpting Treatment Near You

At Florida Aesthetics we offer many treatment options for fat reduction including the fat freezing CoolSculpting treatment. In just 1-3 sessions you’ll experience visibly noticeable fat reduction in your stubborn fat areas and you won’t have to wait for any recovery time before you can return to your normal daily activities. Call 813-701-5334 to learn more, or book your complimentary consultation today.