Are you interested in a dermaplaning treatment at Florida Aesthetics? Here are your answers to 5 frequently asked questions clients ask us:

  1. What is dermaplaning?
    Dermaplaning is a pain-free treatment that removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz safely and effectively from your face. As a result, you will have brighter skin and a smoother complexion.
  2. How does a dermaplaning treatment work?
    A treatment consists of a non-invasive procedure where your skin is held firmly while a blade is moved across your face. Our certified aestheticians use a small scalpel to exfoliate the top layers on your skin and scrape off a layer of dead skin cells. This will help clean your skin, so your daily skin care products and makeup can work more effectively.
  3. How does dermaplaning differ from microdermabrasion?
    Both are examples of exfoliation treatments. Microdermabrasion suctions dead skin cells while dermaplaning scrapes off the top layer of dead skin cells. Both treatments are effective in making your face look and feel smoother.
  4. Will dermaplaning make my hair grow back faster and darker?
    This treatment will not make your hair grow back faster or darker. After your treatment, the hair on your face will grow back at the same texture and speed that it was before the treatment.
  5. What should I expect after a treatment?
    After the treatment, you should expect an immediate improvement in your skin texture and the tone. Results may vary, but long-term effects usually include a noticeable difference in the amount of wrinkles and dark spots on your face. A dermaplaning treatment can also reduce acne scarring and remove fine facial hairs.

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