The following testimonial was shared by one of our customers here at Florida Aesthetics and Wellness.

In early 2020, I visited Florida Aesthetics for a free consultation to discuss a treatment plan to help me get rid of a few areas of fat that dieting just wasn’t touching. It was during this consultation that I learned about Coolsculpting for the first time.  After several successful Coolsculpting treatments, I was very pleased with the results and those pesky areas that years of dieting couldn’t touch were finally gone. Good riddance!

However, as is often the case when the body loses weight or fat quickly, the side effect was some saggy loose skin in those areas.  The team at Florida Aesthetics talked me through how it’s common when the fat that was “pushing” the skin out is eliminated, the result is sort of like what happens when you deflate a balloon and some saggy skin Is fairly common.  Fortunately, there was a solution!

My technician told me about a new treatment called BroadBand Light, otherwise known as BBL. BBL therapy is a series of light treatments that helps to restore skin to its natural beauty, making it clearer, smoother, and younger looking. Sounds great, right?

The specific type of BBL treatment I had was called BBL Skintyte and it is specficially for skin firming and tightening. It was such a simple process… I had no downtime at all after my treatments and after 6 BBL SkinTyte treatments, the skin that had become saggy following my Coolsculpting had tightened up significantly and was looking so much better than before. The process took about 6 months from start to finish and really couldn’t have been simpler. Florida Aesthetics was always super easy to work with, was able to help me schedule appointments that fit in with my busy schedule, and always explained every step of the journey so I would always know what to expect.

If you’re someone who has lost weight quickly either from a treatment like Coolsculpting or even heavy dieting or some other method, I really can’t recommend the BBL therapy enough. It has left my previously saggy and wrinkled areas looking so much better.  In fact, I’m even hitting the beach this summer in a two piece again… something I haven’t done in years.  If you’d like to get your groove back like I did, I would highly recommend calling Florida Aesthetics and Wellness today. I’m so glad I made that first consultation!