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If you are interested in Obagi treatment in Brandon or products, browse our range of Obagi skin care products available on our website.

The Obagi products line includes seven professional systems of skin care products recommended  by medical  aestheticians and medical providers and are designed to address most skin problems. Obagi products work well for patients of a wide range of ages and skin types.

If you are looking for a vibrant, youthful skin, you will  greatly benefit from the Obagi products line. Hyperpigmentation, fine lines, malasma,  and aging concerns are the top reasons why people use us and like  Obagi Medical products.

Obagi products are used at home, but are recommended and prescribed by professional medical  providers, and must be used as prescribed. To determine the line and products that are right for your skin condition, please schedule your free consultation with one of our licensed medical providers.

In terms of contraindications Obagi Medical products offers the right product for each skin type and condition, including for those with a history of allergy or sensitivity to active ingredients,  skin diseases, wounds, and certain other conditions. Please make sure to discuss any skin symptoms you may have with you medical aesthetician.

If you follow the Obagi product usage as recommended by the aesthetician, you can expect first visible results in as early as 2-6 weeks (depending on what line you are using). The results will become even more noticeable as you continue using the product, What you can expect is a clearer skin, less fine lines and wrinkles, less pigmentation and more even complexion and skin tone.

Give us a call or visit our office in Brandon serving the Tampa Bay Area for your free consultation. During the consultation, our experienced specialist will examine your skin and determine what Obagi products will be more beneficial for your skin, and will provide you with detailed information on how to use those products.


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