All of us have the consistent concern of trying to fit grocery shopping tips into our busy schedules.  On top of that, we try our best to both shop and eat healthy. Sometimes, it seems that getting groceries & finding the time to do it right and healthy are two incompatible things.

Florida Aesthetics and Weight Loss, we recognize the squeeze for time and the struggle to maintain healthy eating. That’s why we recommend a few tips to keep in mind both for planning a trip to the grocery store and for the actual shopping trip.

The first step is to take ten minutes a week to write down the week’s menu and compile a list of each meal’s ingredients. Include breakfast items, foods for lunch, and snacks that will fuel you through the next week. Make sure that you steer away from high-fat, fried, low-on-nutrition, and/or extremely processed foods. Stick to a variety of fresh, healthy, delicious foods to make and buy.

The second step is to do your best not to go shopping while you’re hungry. Especially when you’re on a weight loss journey, this is a bad idea. It may lead you to act on your hunger and your impulses and buy unwanted foods that will make your weight loss journey more difficult to follow.

Step three is to stick to your shopping list and try to shop around the periphery of the grocery store. Produce, meats, seafood, and healthier food items are kept around the periphery. Processed, packaged, and unhealthy foods are found within the aisles. Only enter the aisles that contain something that you need so as to avoid temptation.

The more you stick to these steps, the more efficient you’ll become at getting through the process. This way, shopping will become more manageable and will no longer be a cause of worry for you and your busy schedule just follow these grocery shopping tips.

Talk to your weight loss coach for more information on how to implement these steps and for more tips that can help you towards a healthier lifestyle!

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