Sabrina Lost 51 Pounds! You Can Too!

Sabrina Lost 51 Pounds! You Can Too!

My name is Sabrina. I started my weight loss journey 1/1/2019 and it started with inspiration from Olympia the weight loss coach at Florida Aesthetics and Wellness. I work at their sister company Neuro Center. I spent most days listening to Olympia talk about weight loss and the program that they offer for patients who want to lose weight. I was embarrassed to ask her for help because I didn’t want anyone to know that I weighed 255 lbs with a 43 inch waist and 44 inch hip.

So, I began my journey alone trying my hardest to lose the weight and I did but I kept hitting plateau after plateau. I wasn’t losing the inches like I wanted, and I was frustrated. Finally, I turned to Olympia on 4/1/2019 at 221.8 lbs (where I had been for almost 3 weeks at this point) and she worked with me, and developed a plan, and started coaching me. She helped me get past those plateaus, and I started losing inches.  By July 2019, I weighed 217.2 lbs. and got to 41.5 in waist and 42-inch hip.

Olympia recommended natural supplements that have definitely helped along the way including the Green Coffee Bean. Now, after one year of my all natural weight loss journey with coaching from Olympia,

I am down to 204 lbs. with a 38-inch waist and 40.5-inch hip as of 1/10/2020. If you want to lose weight and be healthier this year, schedule your consultation with Olympia at Florida Aesthetics and Wellness today! 813-345-4044.

Before: at 255 lbs with a 43-inch waist and 44-inch hip

After: 204 lbs with a 38-inch waist and 40.5-inch hip

Before: at 255 lbs with a 43-inch waist and 44-inch hip

After: 204 lbs with a 38-inch waist and 40.5-inch hip

I lost 51 pounds!

You can you too!


How I Lost 80 Pounds in a Year!

How I Lost 80 Pounds in a Year!

An inspiring story by N. Rodriguez about her journey to a healthier life and how she lost 80 pounds!

During my younger years, I was a physically active person and did not have an issue with weight.  I ate the right foods and did not care for sweets, pastries just occasional birthday cake.  I never put any emphasis on ever struggling with weight.

My life took a turn when I divorced.  I had to carry most of the responsibility for my children.  Soon I was working two jobs and gave to my children the only time I had available; there was no ‘me’ time.  Because I held two jobs, I never had a day off for years and found myself ordering out more to make it easy on myself and get the kids fed quicker.  I gained about 20 lbs during this time.

When I became an empty nester, I had a little more time for myself so I began to work out at home for an hour each day.  The 20 lbs melted off and I felt great.  I maintained my weight until I moved to FL.

Once in FL, I no longer worked two jobs but I did travel much for my company and dedicated time to my grandson.  I soon found I had no time to work out and my job for the most part became sedentary when not traveling.  I started to gain weight.  When I met my fiancé, our outings consisted of eating out.  I believe I was in denial regarding the weight I was packing on because I did not notice how severe it was.  I would buy clothing to cover my weight and for some reason thought I was succeeding.  Late 2017, I began to have health issues.  My lab work was not good and I had several episodes of gout in my knee that affected my being.  My thyroid was acting up and it was not until my lab work revealed that I may have fatty liver that I realized the problem is not just my Doctor’s findings it is my weight….it was me.


I would look for weight loss programs online, but funny enough I did not consider myself obese. 

In early 2018, I was still seeing my doctor for gout and my weight kept increasing.  Then one-day my daughter visited me to show me her wedding album.  When I saw what I looked like in the pictures, I was mortified and cried.  For the first time I really saw what I had done to myself and to my health.  I was horrified and ashamed.   So much, I could not bring myself to ask for help because I was embarrassed and did not know if I could handle anyone in a weight loss center telling me the same. I had fallen into a feeling of despair and doom but I had to do something because I was not helping myself at the time.  I visited the website for Florida Aesthetics and Wellness many times but never had the guts to call.

In 2018 I felt it was time.  I need to do this. For the first time I accepted I was obese and had lost control with food.  I scheduled my consultation.

My first visit was very pleasant.  I was greeted in a very friendly environment and the person assigned to me, Olympia Griffin, was delightful and made me feel comfortable from the beginning.  We discussed my goal, but what I especially liked was you do not start the program until they have your lab work and medical history to insure it is safe to do so.  That was important to me.

I set my goal to lose 60 lbs.  I must admit it was not easy to break away from the bad food habits.  However, I can say I felt so good on my second week because I was eating good foods and detoxing from all the junk I probably had in my system.  Each week I lost weight, sometimes 4 lbs, other times 2 lbs but maintained an average of 10 pounds per month which inspired me to continue.  When my knee could withstand workouts, I began to work out again.  I started with 2 days a week increasing a day every two weeks, until I was working out 7-days a week.  If I needed to change things up in my menu plan, my coach was always happy to assist. This helped because I was never bored with the food I was eating and did not feel deprived.  I continued to follow the plan to meet my goal.  I remember in November when I hit the 50 lb mark, everyone in the clinic made me feel so accomplished by celebrating my success. I was only 10 lbs away from my goal! I continued to work at it, increasing to weight training and continuing to explore new foods within the guidelines I was following for healthy eating.  After a year, I actually lost over 80 lbs.  I feel great, I have lots of energy, and am motivated….I also reconfirmed I can accomplish what I set my mind to do.

I cannot believe the weight I put on and the fact I was able to lose it.  The most important lesson in my journey was to recoup the discipline I had lost.  I did much introspection too. I had to understand why I gave up on myself and well- being, learn new eating habits and recondition my physical being.  My journey is not over though.  I am now learning to maintain this weight loss by educating myself on increasing calories without gaining the weight.  I believe I will accomplish this too.  Meanwhile, it is a blessing to know that I can count on the team at Florida Aesthetics to help me through this process as well.

N. Rodriguez

July 17, 2019

Do Lipotropic or B12 Injections work for weight loss and energy?

Do Lipotropic or B12 Injections work for weight loss and energy?

I’m 31 years old, a little over my preferred weight, maybe 10 pounds or so, and ALWAYS tired it seems. I ran into a girl I was friends with from my childhood through high school and into some of my early college years. She was always really short and therefore, seems to carry more weight than average. Well this time, she looked great! She looked healthy, energetic, slim and toned. After catching up a bit, I had to compliment her and ask her what she was doing different. She told me that she went into a medical weight loss program under this great physician and loved it! SO I had to know, what was this program? How did it work? What was different that a regular “fad diet”? That is the moment I learned about B12 or “Lipotropic” injections. I was fascinated, and ready to learn more. So I went to Florida Aesthetics, I met Olympia, the weight coach, and started my free consultation. I was ready.

Olympia was fantastic. Light, energetic, understanding everything I was telling her with a calm presence that made me feel comfortable. She explained the options the program offered and what she thought would be best for me to start with based off what I had told her about myself. We were going to start with B12 shots, and see what that did for me, follow up in a week, and go from there.

Before my Vitamin B12 shot, I had felt drained and tired. I had had three nights in a row of about 5 hours of sleep, and even two cups of coffee at breakfast that morning hadn’t perked me up.  The process of getting the shot was pretty simple and took only a few minutes. The vitamins are injected either in your arm or near the back of your hip.I don’t and have never liked injections in my arms so I chose my hip.  I had to unzip my pants and get a little comfortable with a stranger. Luckily, I had some privacy and got to chat for a little bit with the health professional. Everyone was super nice at Florida Aesthetics and Wellness, and the space was bright, clean and inviting.  While I was surprised to feel a little sore on my backside immediately after the injection, within 10-15 minutes I did feel an improved mood and like the bags had lifted from under my eyes. Either it was the coffee kicking in or the shot — but I bet on the shot. I was excited, actually, ecstatic! Had I found the thing to take the miserable, sluggish, drained feeling I couldn’t stop feeling every single day? I was about to find out.

Olympia said I would probably feel best the next morning, but again, I’m not sure if it was the almost full night of sleep I finally got or the shot that did make me feel pretty much back to my normal, pre-fatigued self. I went throughout my day, looking for signs. Was I really more energetic? Well I didn’t feel groggy, my mid felt a little clearer, and not to mention, the simple act of rolling my feet over the edge of the bed and standing up, was pretty easy. I didn’t feel jittery, I felt “normal”, the way I felt 5 years ago when life wasn’t so busy and draining.  As my week went on, I slowly started to feel a little less of the newfound energy. I remembered Olympia told me I could come back as soon as 5 days later, so I made an appointment and went in. During that visit, I asked her, is this something I am going to become dependant on? The last thing I needed to add to my proliferate coffee addiction was another habit I felt I needed to make it through the day. She explained it to me and put my fears to ease. You see, B12 shots are an easy way for people to address one of the most common vitamin deficiencies and increase their energy and boost their mood. Vitamin B12 is important for proper red blood cell formation and brain function in addition to DNA synthesis, energy production and nerve cell health. It’s also really important when it comes to converting homocysteine.Supplementing with B12 may do a whole range of good stuff for us, including possibly preventing dementia and improving healthy fetal development during pregnancy. B12 is a vitamin that our body makes naturally, but can decrease over time due to age or for various other reasons. The injections are simply replacing what is lost in the purest, fastest and highest absorbing ways. I felt better and got my second shot.

Over the next month I continued to get my injections, once a week, and discuss everything I felt and what had changed for me with my weight coach. At the end of my month, I realized I had a much more productive and overall happy month, and these injections were in fact, helping me. I am continuing my injections at Florida Aesthetics, and now go bi-weekly, as I find that I dont need it as often, and am still getting the same benefits. Overall, B12 Lipotropic injections, helped me regain what I felt I was missing for quite some time, energy, health, happiness, and clarity! Not to mention, I lost 8 pounds in the first month and am now at a happier more desirable weight! If you haven’t tried them, and you feel like I did, you should really consider giving Olympia a call! It is well worth it.

Holiday Weight Maintenance: Staying On Top Of Your Weight Loss Through the Holiday Season

Holiday Weight Maintenance: Staying On Top Of Your Weight Loss Through the Holiday Season

The holiday season is an exciting time of parties, celebrations, and festivities, which means it is also the season of temptations and high-calorie treats. If you are currently trying to lose weight and maintain better health, the holiday season might threaten to derail your progress. Develop a holiday weight maintenance program.

Don’t worry, there is a way to enjoy yourself this winter and still watch the scale go down. Use these tips to continue your Brandon weight loss through the holidays and enter the New Year feeling better than ever.


4 Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Tips for People on the Go

4 Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Tips for People on the Go

You know that making healthy eating choices is important to your health for many different reasons, but it’s difficult to commit to nutritious, wholesome meal and snack choices when you’re constantly on-the-go. This time of year makes healthy eating especially challenging as your family bounces between school events, sports practices, and other obligations that keep your schedule endlessly busy.

Don’t worry, all hope isn’t lost. Smart eating is possible with the right preparation. These five tips will give you the nudge you need to create strategic eating habits and lose weight, even with a chaotic schedule. (more…)

5 best weight loss tips

5 best weight loss tips

‘Eat less, move more!’ The basic principle of the weight loss tips seems so easy, doesn’t it? People who are actually on their way to a healthier body and better physical form know that it is still a long journey. You are likely to be confused, have questions, doubts, and second thoughts and just feel unmotivated. Is there something to help out?

Check out these useful weight loss tips that will help you stay on track and not lose your focus.

  1. Balanced meals

Make sure that you are aware of your daily needs in calories and macronutrients. If you don’t meet them, you are likely to have cravings for sweet, fatty or salty food, fall into a diet-binge cycle, or just not lose weight as fast as you would like. That’s why it is so important to make all your meals filling and healthy.

Let your breakfast be the most filling meal of your day. Start the day with an intake of 500-700 calories that come from proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Try to eat three times a day and have two snacks in between those. Don’t avoid products that are great sources of healthy fats like nuts, avocado, salmon, olive oil, and flaxseeds. Stick to complex carbohydrates like grains, oats, quinoa, beans, and lentils. You don’t have to leave on salad and kale only—losing weight healthy doesn’t mean starving yourself.

  1. Don’t miss your ZZZ’s

If skipping a workout means an extra hour of sleep—skip a workout!

Yes, we mean it! You’ve probably heard that many recent studies have proven that sleep deprivation can lead to over-eating but did you know that having not enough sleep can also lead to losing your muscles instead of body fat? Even if you stick to your meal and workout plan, sleeping less than 6 hours on a regular basis will make your body use the muscle tissue for restoration, and not the fat you’re actually trying to get rid of. Right amount of rest is as much important as the right amount of physical exercises.

  1. Think realistically

Right about to start their weight loss journey, people are very likely to make ‘big’ promises to themselves. ‘I will never eat sweets and pastry, I will cut my consumption of saturated fat, and I will never ever buy a bucket of ice cream when I feel unmotivated’. Those are great commitments but who can stick to them? This super hero person has not been born yet.

Instead, make a room in your meal plan for the food you really like and enjoy eating. Let 80% of your daily calorie intake come from healthy, filling meals but save those 20% for your favorite ice-cream brand, casual pizza party with friends or a glass of wine to wind down on a not-so-good day. It doesn’t mean that once a week you should go crazy and binge-eat everything you see. On the opposite, having your favorite food on the plan will help you not to put excessive pressure on yourself.

  1. Don’t use working out as an excuse to eat more

A common misunderstanding is that exercising will make you burn so many calories that you can eat more food and still lose weight. That is no true. A workout in the gym or an hour cardio session can burn around 400-600 calories but a regular home-cooked meal is about the same. However, a regular restaurant meal, pre-cooked foods and especially unhealthy snacks like chocolate bars, potato chips and whipped-cream lattes with caramel toppings are very likely to ‘cost’ more.

It can in many cases be a key weight loss tip for men because they tend to feel hungrier once they’ve started working out in the gym. Men often chose to ‘eat like a pro’ and ‘fuel’ their body with protein bars and shakes, sometimes eating as soon as they enter the changing room. It’s important not to trust advice coming from professional athletes who need a big calorie intake to maintain those huge muscles. Us, mere mortals, just need a balanced diet.

  1. Find a healthier alternative to the ‘comfort food’

Many people fail their dieting plan when out of the sudden they find themselves crawled in the bed with a box of chocolates, bucket of ice cream, family pack of cookies (the list can go on and on)? A bad day at work, comparing yourself with a ‘perfect’ Insta blogger or PMS-ing can result in overeating trying to soothe or wind down.

Bad days and diet ‘failures’ are still going to happen, no matter how much you want to avoid them. Be prepared! Sit down with a paper and a pencil and make a list of alternatives to comforting yourself with food. A peaceful walk in the woods, a boxing session, or an evening out with your bestie?.. Come up with ideas that fit your personality.

This can be one of the most important weight loss tips for women, as many of them feel a lot of social pressure of being skinny and constantly dieting as if it were a natural thing to do! However, losing weight, changing your eating habits and maintaining a new form is not easy, even those glossy magazines would like to trick us into thinking exactly the opposite. Don’t put even more pressure on yourself for not making it in a ‘perfect’ way. It’s a bumpy road for everyone, and it’s supposed to be this way.

We hope that these weight loss tips will help you lose those extra kilos quickly and safely! Feel free to call or visit our Brandon clinic in Tampa Area to have a free, thorough consultation with our certified weight loss coaches.


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