Have you ever heard people talking about losing weight without going on an actual diet? If you have, then know that what you’re hearing is quite valid! True, you wont get the same results in the same time frame that you would see with a comprehensive weight loss program, but success is still possible. How? We’ve got a few easy tips for you to help cut calories out of your day and off your waist.

How to lose weight without dieting:

1) Become Friends with what is Low-Fat
One easy way to cut back on calories is to use low fat mayonnaise, dressings, etc. You’re still able to use the same food you used before, but without all the unnecessary calories. It works especially well when its only one of a few ingredients in a dish. The taste different will not be noticed. An example? Using low fat sour cream in dips or with your fajitas at dinner.
2) Don’t Let Go of Protein
Eat some protein at every meal, and you’ll consume less than if you don’t. Why? Protein fills you up better than any carb can. And it’s good for you. Try it with chicken in salad, nuts as a snack, or beans in your dinner, or eggs at breakfast. Meals will become that much more satisfying. Something to watch out for: this protein becomes a part of your meal, not an addition to the portion.
3) Cook with Spices!!!
Studies show that cooking with garlic and pepper can help with overeating. Why? These two flavorful ingredients leave you feeling more satisfied than you would be without the punch they add. You’ll find yourself enjoying the flavors without overeating, and you’ll get the benefits of garlic and pepper. Another idea? Try spicy dishes every once in a while. The burn will make you eat less, but you’ll still be eating something delicious.
4) Watch the Salt
We eat we get thirsty we drink. That would be fine if we didn’t turn to calorie-laden drinks like juice, soda, and alcohol. Unfortunately, America likes its salty snacks, and loves its caloric drinks. What can you do? Stay way from high salt snacks, and avoid over-salting your food. If you’re having a hard time doing that, try to cut back gradually.
5) Don’t Drink Your Calories
Following on the last point, we seriously drink too many of our calories as a society. The main problem? We’re not adding nutritional value to our diets by doing so. Skip the coke at lunch, the high-sugar juice before dinner, and watch the alcohol intake. Try healthier drink options if water, coffee, and tea don’t satisfy you. Examples? Vegetable juice, skim milk, or water with citrus.

You don’t need to compromise your meals, you can lose weight without dieting! For more information about our Medical Weight Loss Program, please contact us now.

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