Plenty of women wonder what the secret to weight loss is. Sometimes, making your weight loss journey easier takes a few simple steps that experts strongly recommend. We’ve compiled some for you to implement in conjunction with your current plan at Florida Aesthetics and Weight Loss. Heads up females! It IS doable!!!

1) Share at Restaurants
Be it with your husband, your friend, or your child, this is a great technique to avoid overdoing it on the days that you choose to eat out. In addition, it’ll help for you to check out the menu of the place you’re going to…most of them provide you with nutrition information you’ll be thankful to have seen.
2) Get Moving Without Officially “Exercising”
Clean the house, mow the lawn, take a walk with your neighbor, play in the yard with your kids, start a garden project…and the list goes on. Little projects can go a long way for your weight loss!
3) Do NOT Keep Trying Fad Diets
Low carb, high protein, no carb, all cabbage gets confusing after a while. And the down low on all of these? They don’t work long-term, and many people can’t sustain the results they may get. The best method? Listen to your weight loss coach; focus on lifestyle changes, being active, and the boost that safe supplements provide you with.
4) Love your Protein
Stock up on delicious proteins to include in your breakfast routine. Studies show time and time again that eating protein keeps you full for longer and gives you something satisfying to keep you going through your busy morning.

5) Never Underestimate The Power of Water
Ladies, we know you get thirsty…especially when it’s hot. And while it’s tempting to get yourself some juice, soda, or perhaps some wine with your meal, resist that urge whenever you can. Water hydrates you and fills you up when you’re feeling that fake “hunger”. Start your day off with a cold cup and you’ll rev up your metabolism by 3% for a little while.

6) Do Not Give In To Those Cravings
Research suggests that it takes 20 minutes for a craving to disappear. If you’re suddenly craving a piece of chocolate or some pie, wait it out. You’ll most likely get over it without doing damage to your weight loss goals.
7) Buy New Plates
Yes, that’s right. Nutrition experts have been repeating this one for some time. Shrink your dinner plates and you’ll find yourself eating less. It turns out that having bigger plates urges us to put more food in them and to eat more than if we had slightly smaller plates. Trust us on this’ll help your whole family!
8) Do Away with your “Big” Clothes
That extra pair of jeans you have in your closet? The ones that are one size too big? Those are damaging to your goals. They allow you to feel more comfortable with weight gain and less guilty about not meeting your weight loss goals for the week. Why? Even if you’re not losing like you should, or gaining like you don’t want to, you’ve still got that pair of jeans that fits you all right. You don’t feel uncomfortable.

As always, remember that your weight loss coach is always available to provide you with tips, to give you support, and to encourage you for implementing these easy steps that are guaranteed to help you out. There is no set secret to weight loss, but these will help!

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