Many people diet, many people lose weight, and many of them fail to keep it off. It sounds simple: go on a diet, lose weight, and keep it off.  The reality?  Most people cant do the third part, usually because their weight loss plan is too extreme or designed to be temporary.

So how do some people do it?  Whats the secret to keeping the weight off without living a restrictive lifestyle?

We’ve got the right tips to help you keep what you’ve gained during your weight loss journey.  The most important thing to do is to think about all the health benefits you’ll get if you stick to your healthy habits once you’ve reached your target weight!

To reach your target weight and use the secrets of the successful, make sure your weight loss journey:

A)   Is gradual

B)   Is based on behavior modification

C)   Focuses on lifestyle changes for results

D)   Is individualized to your needs

So what are the secrets to keeping the weight off?

1)   Sticking to a relatively consistent routine of eating. (same times, similar meals, etc)

2)   Eating frequently (to control blood sugar and manage your appetite)

3)   Start your day with breakfast

4)   Engage in positive self-talk, especially if and when you have a slip-up post diet

5)   Weigh yourself consistently (to make sure your keeping the weight off)

6)   Exercise one hour a day (during your weight loss journey, build your way up to this gradually)

7)   Always remember that its all about what works for you

All-in-all, successful weight loss requires some necessary and permanent lifestyle changes that will keep you on the healthy track to the permanent, new you!  It IS doable, so long as you make a commitment to yourself right now that you will maintain the results you are working for now.