At some point in time, we will all experience skin conditions and/or skin damage that affect our complexion and physical appearance.  Whether it be because of age, sun damage, or other causes, these conditions are unpleasant to deal with.  For some, taking care of them simply means covering them up with makeup.  For others, it means being proactive and treating them through various means to achieve glowing skin. Whats the difference?

Treating skin conditions, such as wrinkles, sun spots, and acne with makeup is not actually treating them at all.  Makeup simply covers up the damage temporarily and until its wiped off.  Essentially, it does nothing for your complexion or appearance, and may actually be problematic in the long run.  Eventually, makeup will not be able to hide your skin conditions as it did before.  Using it excessively may also lead to the development of acne, and may leave you feeling too dependent on makeup.

Treatment of wrinkles, veins, acne, etc. via means such as laser treatments and medical creams, on the other hand, is actual treatment.  Using products and undergoing treatments means that you are actually tackling the issue at hand.  Whether its wrinkles or veins, the use of these products is a quick, non-invasive, and efficient way for you to treat your skin conditions.  They are not a simple cover-up.  Laser and Obagi products get to the root of the problem and work effectively to improve your facial appearance.  Choosing this route means not having to worry about covering up your skin every morning.  Results may vary in every particular case (depending on your skin condition, age etc.) but overall treatment of skin conditions helps to improve the appearance and feel more confident in your new glowing skin.

In short, using makeup as a solution to your skin concerns will not help you overcome them.  Treatments such as laser technologies and medical creams and peels will work much more permanently and effectively than makeup.  If you’re interested in learning more about why FDA-approved treatments are the better solution, talk to one of our licensed medical practitioners today!