With advanced technology and research, we learn more about the best ways to use nature to our advantage.  When it comes to our skin, research has come a long way in being able to tell us how to take care of it.  One example can be seen in Obagis Professional-C Peptide Complex cream.  This is one of several Obagi products that use Vitamin C to help nourish the skin.  What makes Professional-C Peptide Complex cream so special, though, is the growth factors it contains: Kinetin & Zeatin.  What are these and why are they good for the skin?

Kinetin and Zeatin are growth factors that are involved in plants renewed cell division (cytokinesis).  In other words, these two make it possible for plants to develop new cells if/when needed.  Each has a specific role that, when combined in skin creams, gives you firmer, healthier, more rejuvenated looking skin.


  • Prevents drying out and withering in plants
  • Keeps your skin smooth and glowing


  • Improves overall skin appearance
  • Helps minimize roughness, fine lines, wrinkles

When combined in Professional-C Peptide Complex cream, Kinetin and Zeatin are a powerful force to be reckoned with.  They successfully work to give you younger, smoother, firmer skin.  The best part?  Its all-natural!  This product doesnt rely on chemicals and harmful ingredients to give your skin the care it needs.  If youd like to learn more about Obagis Professional-C Peptide Complex cream and other Obagi skincare products, talk to our consultants at Florida Aesthetics today! Results may vary depending on the individual.