Shine Bright with DiamondGlow Treatments

Needing a facial rejuvenation? DiamondGlow treatments will give you the brightened, refreshed glow you’re looking for by smoothing and hydrating your facial skin. DiamondGlow treatments are designed with patented technology that infuses the skin with a serum specific to your skin condition at the exact moment of exfoliation. This allows the skin to receive the serum’s active ingredients at optimal skin depths, with enhanced absorption, and the highest level of retention.


DiamondGlow Treatments can treat a wide range of conditions including wrinkles, sun damage, hyperpigmentation, sagging skin, stretch marks, back acne, cellulite, bumps, dryness, and discoloration on nearly any area of the body. While our facial options including skin brightening, clarifying, hydrating, and vitamin C knit-aging, DiamondGlow can also be used to refresh skin on almost any area of the body, even the more delicate areas surrounding the eyes and lips.


With treatment times as short as 30 minutes, you’ll be in and out with brighter, smoother skin. The patented technology is able to target specific skin concerns and optimize treatment for the best results. DiamondGlow is known to visibly reduce fine lines and wrinkles, improve skin radiance, give a lasting youthful boost, stimulate healthy cell renewal, and volume the skin by 70%.

Patient Results

While just one treatment session will provide visible results, it is recommended that patients utilize a series of multiple sessions to get the most out of their DiamondGlow treatment. At Florida Aesthetics, our certified physicians will create a customized treatment plan to address your unique skin conditions and to achieve your desired results. The non-invasive, long lasting treatment is effective for all skin types and tones and able to treat anywhere on the body, from head to toe.

DiamondGlow at Florida Aesthetics

Contact us at Florida Aesthetics to talk to one of our skin care professionals about creating a DiamondGlow treatment plan to rejuvenate, smooth, and hydrate your skin.