weight loss program

Are you struggling to loose weight? You may have tried many diets, exercise plans, and even weight loss apps, like Noom. You’ve probably found that losing weight is challenging journey, especially when you’re doing it alone. At Florida Aesthetics, we offer a holistic, physician supervised, medical weight loss program to help you reach your goals. When you begin you’ll meet with a weight loss professional who will take your unique body type and health concerns into account when determining the best weight loss strategy for you. You’ll meet with your weight loss coach on a weekly basis for encouragement and assessment of your personalized program.

The weight loss program at Florida Aesthetics is an effective, holistic, and physician supervised program. It follows the guidelines of the American Society of Bariatric Physicians which incorporates behavior modification, FDA approved appetite suppressants, B12 and MIC injections, along with personalized coaching, meal planning, and guidance. Initially, we’ll work with you to loose the weight and reach your goal. Throughout the program we’ll guide you in creating healthy lifestyle habits that will help you to keep the weight off even after you’ve completed the program.

Other weight loss approaches, like the Noom app, take a psychology-based approach to dieting but lack the human touch and the interaction with a real weight loss professional. At Florida Aesthetics, our weight loss coach helps you incorporate multiple weight loss techniques in a customized weight loss plan designed specifically for you. Our weight loss coach and board certified physicians make informed recommendations for the most effective weight loss plan for you based on your own blood work, overall heath, and weight loss goal.

Thousands of patients have successfully lost weight and changed their lifestyle with the help of Florida Aesthetics. With a complete examination of your health and an understanding of your goals, we can help you reach your desired weight safely. We incorporate weekly sessions to ensure you stay on track and receive the support you need! As you progress, your weight loss coach will modify your plan to ensure you are able to maintain long-term results in a healthy and efficient manner. Call Florida Aesthetics to schedule your complimentary consultation appointment today.