Aquagold Fine Touch is a painless and effective treatment for a wide range of skin concerns. The patented micro-channel micro-injector technology delicately delivers the custom mix of therapeutics into the skin at the area of concern.

What Concerns Can Aquagold Treat?

Aquagold administers a custom mix of skin therapies which our licensed aestheticians will create for you based on your unique skin type and concerns. This is why it can treat such a wide range of skin issues and any skin type. Most commonly, patients utilize Aquagold Fine Touch for treating acne, scarring, dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, large pores, skin dullness, loss of facial volume, skin tone and texture, and much more.

How Does it Work?

Aquagold is a revolutionary micro-needling device that contains 24 karat needles. These needles allow the device to administer skin treatment directly into the skin. It implements a unique, patented technology that delivers micro-doses of personalized medicine to address your skin concerns. The needles penetrate the first layer of skin to allow the therapeutic medication to be delivered and absorbed much more effectively. The unique 2-in-1 treatment is able to induce a wound-healing response in multiple layers of the skin, and simultaneously stimulate collagen and elastin renewal for a rejuvenated, more youthful appearance. Aquagold is even effective on delicate skin areas like periorbital and perioral regions, which are typically more difficult to treat.

Florida Aesthetics Aquagold Treatment

This treatment works best in a series of three or more sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart. It offers long lasting and buildable results, so it can easily be paired with other facial treatments. At Florida Aesthetics, our licensed aestheticians will help you to determine if Aquagold is the right treatment for you. If you’re looking for a facial refresh, we’ve got the treatment you need! Call Florida Aesthetics to schedule your consultation appointment today!