With all this talk about eating habits and learning self-control, we thought wed let you in on some tips for following through on everything we’ve been discussing this past month.  Below are 6 simple ways to enhance your healthy lifestyle.

It all starts with the mindset.  All you really need to make successful changes in your life is to convince yourself that change is what you want.  Once you truly believe that change is necessary and good, and once you believe in your own potential, you’re ready to go!

1)   Start your own (and your family’s) move to the healthier one step at a time!

You’re looking for real, permanent change.  To do that, you have to take it slow.  Gradual yet steady change is what you’re looking for.  My personal challenge, for example, was to adopt a new habit and drop a bad one every two weeks.  It gave me time to get used to the change and to get over what I had dropped.

2)   Make your first goal towards eating healthier one that says that you will eat breakfast every day!

Boost your metabolism before your day begins and get going on a load of good energy.  Just make sure you’re eating something thats nutrient-rich and sufficient in calories.  (For more information on how to choose the right breakfast, talk to your weight loss coach).

3)   Focus less on calories and more on whats going into your stomach!

The healthier the food, the better off you are.  If you try a new healthy food every week, you (and your family) will gradually be able to accept foods you previously thought to be inedible.  By focusing on the content of your plate and not on the calorie count, you’ll more easily move towards healthier meals, good calorie foods, and foods that give you great benefits!

4)   Don’t leave your refrigerator empty!

It will tempt you to eat out, making it more difficult to adopt/maintain healthy eating habits.  Especially at the beginning of your lifestyle change, you might find it easier to avoid eating out.  Stocking your fridge once a week can both help you avoid that AND help you eat smart.  Just make sure you shop smart and avoid junk foods, instant dinners, and other processed foods.  (Coming soon to our website: A segment on shopping smart)

5)   Make exercise a priority!

You may find that when you work out, you’re more willing to let go of unhealthy eating habits and to be more health conscious.  Exercising leaves you feeling great.  It also makes you more concerned about whats going into your body.  Most importantly, making exercise a priority and sticking to your workouts is a great way to learn self-control!

6) Do not cut back on sleep!

It will be to your own detriment.  It becomes harder to exercise self-control and to stick to new habits when you’re tired and sleep-deprived.  Sleep enough and your body will not feel hungrier than usual.  Sleep enough and you will have the energy to exercise self-control.  Sleep enough and you will find yourself more willing to stick to the new habits you’ve decided to adopt.

These are only a few ways to enhance your healthy lifestyle which in return, can help you on your way to healthier eating and greater self-control.  If you’re looking for more specific ways that suit your individual needs, talk to your weight loss coach at your next appointment at Florida Aesthetics.  Where there is a will, there is a way!