Research is piling up, and articles & news reports on what’s actually bad for you are adding up, and are shining light on what’s actually in the foods we may be eating. Below are good foods that may actually be bad for you.

Trail Mix
Nuts, granola, and dried fruit sounds wonderful. It may be more sugar and/or sodium than you bargained for, though. Trail mix is usually high in calories, and because we think it’s healthy, we may actually be eating too much of it.

Protein Bars
Many of them are not only high in calories, but much-too-high in sugars. They probably contain a long list of strange ingredients as well. If you like to snack on them or have them as your meal once in a while, make sure you know what’s in them and how many calories you’re consuming.

Reduced Fat Peanut Butter
Check the label and you’ll notice that it has more sugar than regular peanut butter. But it’s lower in fat, you might say. Yes…it contains lower amounts of the good fat that peanut butter should be providing you with. Swapping it out with sugar is not the best choice, so stick with regular peanut butter.

Everything Packaged & Organic
The word “organic” preceding the product name does not make it a healthier, good-for-you snack worth spending more money on. Packaged snacks that are advertised as organic are merely snacks with organic ingredients. They still contain calories, sugars, and potentially no real nutritional value. Stick to the natural snacks that the world has to offer us. They’re cheaper, taste better, and give our bodies more of what we need.

These good foods that may actually be bad for you, could impact your weight loss plan. Looking for a weight loss coach to help with your journey? Visit Florida Aesthetics today!