Genes may be the reason you do not see weight loss where you want to and asking yourself why can’t I lose weight. Fat cells are present all over our body. Genetics determine where fat cells are positioned and the quantity laid down in each area. Some people have more fat cells around the belly area, and some people carry the fat cells more in the bum or thighs. If you have more fat cells around your thighs, then you may draw more energy from there and less from around the stomach. We cannot decide where our body takes the energy from. If you do not notice any weight loss in certain areas, this may be why.

One key point to keep in mind: Adding exercise to your routine does not mean that you will, by default, begin to shed pounds. Oftentimes, individuals take the addition of exercise to their lives to mean that they can eat more, or that they can indulge freely in high-calorie and/or unhealthy foods. This, unfortunately, is not true. Exercise can and will help weight loss successfully if you are eating well. The key to weight loss, as it relates to exercise, is to maintain a healthy and balanced diet and avoid those foods that can push your calorie consumption higher than it should go.