Here at Florida Aesthetics, the focus is on helping you to reach your goal weight and to provide support in your transition into a healthy lifestyle. The idea here is to focus not only on numbers and weight loss, but on changing and acquiring various habits that define a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to the medical supervision, B12, and/or appetite suppressants that you are using, we highly encourage the incorporation of exercise into your daily routine. Such an addition is of extreme value to both your current and future health status. Introducing exercise into your routine gradually will help you build a long-lasting commitment to this key component of healthy living. Starting out small, by taking the stairs instead of the elevator, for example, will allow for your body to adjust to more physical activity. One step at a time, and with small changes here and there, you can move on to adding a regular exercise slot into your daily routine.  Taking the stairs can turn into a 30-min daily walk, an hour-long aerobics class, and occasional weight lifting.

All of these activities are crucial to the present and future state of your body. Cardio and resistance training, when taken on gradually, help to build endurance and stamina, increase cardiovascular endurance, and strengthen the heart.  In addition, a highly-rewarding & tangible benefit to exercise is potential weight loss. Exercise burns calories, thus adding a boost to the program that you are currently adhering to here at Florida Aesthetics in Brandon, and helping you to attain results faster.

The key to incorporating exercise into your daily routine, and to reaping its long-term benefits, is to start out small and build your way up, until it becomes a regular part of your life, and one that you enjoy. It will make you feel good, give you energy, and provide you with more motivation to continue on your path to weight loss. As is true with any aspect of your weight loss commitment, patience is imperative to meeting your goals and to seeing the true impact of exercise on your body, your mind, and your life.

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